Fans can visit Eroda in new Harry Styles music video

Photo courtesy of Radio Alfa, Flickr


The countdown to the release of the new Harry Styles album “Fine Line” is in its home stretch, and fans have received yet another taste of the album with Styles’ new single “Adore You.”

However, this single’s release was unusual and completely unique. 

Rather than sharing promotional posts or artwork on social media like most singers do before the release of a new single or album, Styles made the fans go on a hunt to figure out what bliss he had in store. Styles not only released a trailer for the “Adore You” music video – he created an entire imaginary island. 

At the end of November, fans all over started seeing ads in their social media feed to visit an island called Eroda. As most do, many scrolled past the vacation ads, but some did pay attention, soon realizing that Eroda is not a real island. 

As more and more people went straight to social media to share their thoughts, a conspiracy began. The Isle of Eroda has its own official website that resembles any other tourist/vacation site. Food, hotels, attractions, photos: the site listed it all. Even more convincing? Average people on Twitter began tweeting about their experiences in Eroda, with average reviews mixed with odd statements. 

User @mariamartiin_, found under the Testimonials tab on the Visit Eroda website, tweeted: “I’m looking forward to enjoy my fish and chips at The Fisherman’s Pub this December. No pigs though @visiteroda.”

This is only one of the hundreds of #VisitEroda tweets, and some are much more peculiar, as there are a lot of myths and rules one must follow while they are on the Isle of Eroda.

Fans quickly put all the puzzle pieces together, and managed to realize that the word “adore” spelled backward is “Eroda,” and a new song off of Styles’ “Fine Line” is titled “Adore You.” There were plenty of other hints related to Styles, as well. 

On the island, there are roads named “Cherry Street” and “Golden Way,” relating to two new songs off of the album, “Cherry” and “Golden.”

There were so many clues throughout the entire promotional period, and all of the fans’ assumptions were confirmed when the trailer for the “Adore You” video released on Monday, Dec. 2. 

The trailer set a cinematic scene, including a rich history of the Isle of Eroda, along with the people and places located on the island. It featured Styles as a “peculiar” Boy because his smile shined so bright it blinded those around him.

He was different, and this soon made The Boy sad, and he eventually stuffed his pockets with rocks and set off into the sea. However, he was distracted by a fish. As the narrator of the trailer and music video stated, “He tried to ignore the fish, but loneliness is an ocean full of travelers trying to find their place in the world. But without friendship, we are all lost and left with no hope, no home, no harbor.”

Four days later, Dec. 6, when the official music video was released, the story continues as the upbeat, boppy, and enticing “Adore You” begins. 

The over-7-minute video consisted of The Boy, Styles, traveling around the island with his new best friend, The Fish. 

The video shows a complete fun, quirky, and childish side of Styles and his best friend, yet the video and concept express his creativity, artistic growth, and overall maturity. 

When it comes to the song itself, “Adore You” has already become a massive hit. In a recent interview with ENTERCOM, Styles shared that the song depicts “that heavy feeling of just bliss, like a blissful, very joyous connection with someone.” 

He and his team “wrote this in a day, we just had so much fun making it,” he shared, following with, “they’re usually the ones that end up kind of working the best, the ones where everyone’s having fun making it […] they kind of just write themselves.” 

The song is clearly compassionate with vibrant and fruity lyrics; literally, since the play of fruit seems to be the biggest consistent theme in Styles’ music.

“Adore You” has led fans just one step closer to the new era of Harry, and the anticipation will soon be over. 

Listen to “Adore You” now, and get ready to stream “Fine Line,” out this Friday, Dec. 13!


5/5 stars