Review of the latest season of The Bachelor

Photo courtesy of WP:NFCC#4

This season of The Bachelor, featuring Peter Weber, also known as Peter the Pilot, started in early January with thirty contestants. Now, there are only four left. Since the beginning, there was a lot of drama between the contestants, with rivalries between Tammy and Kelsey, Victoria P. and Alayah and more. Some of these women are not here for the right reasons: they simply want to be in the Bachelor franchise. 

Personally, this season sucked because these women suck, being both young and childish. Hannah Ann is one of the younger contestants. She has never been in love before, but she told Peter that she is starting to fall in love with him, which I don’t believe. I think she only wants to be in the Bachelor franchise.

Peter has also been fueling drama by eliminating Alayah, then bringing her back and giving her the group date rose. He also gave a rose to Kelsey because she went to visit him to clear up the drama between her and Tammy about being an “alcoholic.” She went back to the hotel with all the women and they were both confused and upset because she had a rose before the rose ceremony.

Victoria P. went home last week because Peter told her that he could not see her being his wife, solely because there were trust issues after the drama between her and Alayah. 

On Monday night’s episode, Madison, Natasha and Kelsey had one-on-ones in Lima, Peru. There was also a three-on-one with Victoria F., Hannah Ann and Kelley. Madison is moving onto hometowns next week, and Peter told her that he was falling in love with her. Natasha is not moving on, since Peter told her that the feelings were not there as much as his other relationships. 

It is quite obvious that the show keeps some girls of different races around to not seem racist. Kelsey is moving onto hometowns next week as well, because she became more vulnerable to Peter during dinner. I believe Peter gave Kelsey the rose out of pity, since she was vulnerable and crying in front of him.

During the three on one with Victoria F., Hannah Ann and Kelley, all three of them had serious conversations about their relationship moving forward. Victoria F. picked a fight with Peter during their conversation, Peter was feeling attacked during it and she started crying.

Kelley was being cocky, thinking she would be getting the rose no matter what. She would joke about how this entire experience has been fun, while Peter believed she was not taking things seriously. Hannah Ann was vulnerable while talking to him because she had not been in the past, showing Peter a paper with reasons why she is falling in love with him. 

At the end of the date, Peter decided to trick the audience and pretend he was sending home Victoria F., but he later gave her the rose and sent her back to the hotel. Peter chose Hannah Ann because she is falling in love with him and she showed him why.

The final four who are moving onto hometowns are Victoria F., Hannah Ann, Kelsey and Madison.