Harry Styles and Lizzo become a dynamic duo

Photo courtesy of Raph_PH, Wikipedia


Two of the most popular and successful celebrities in the music industry, former One Direction member Harry Styles and “Truth Hurts” singer/songwriter Lizzo, have recently been taking over the media. 

Just two months ago, Styles released his second solo album “Fine Line” on Dec. 13 and steadily topped the charts. Without a doubt, Styles is an icon and one of the top musical figures of our generation. With 26.2 million Instagram followers, about 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and a packed world tour, Styles has built a floral and fruitful empire for himself and his more than dedicated fanbase. 

Shortly after the album release, Styles performed at the BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Dec. 18, where he performed an energetic cover of Lizzo’s hit single “Juice” from her recent debut album “Cuz I Love You.” 

This performance was a nice tribute to Lizzo’s incredible musicianship, as well as an incredible treat to fans. Fans were roaring with excitement and adoring Styles’ high-spirited time in the Lounge, and his word choice sparked even more conversation. 

Styles, unlike most male artists, stayed almost completely consistent with the original female-written song lyrics, including “Somebody come get this man/I think he got lost in my DMs,” which may again be alluding to the queer ally’s sexuality. 

Nonetheless, in his interview with BBC Radio 1, Styles praised Lizzo as “exactly what you want an artist to be, which is themselves.” 

Lizzo was quick to respond to Styles on Twitter later that day, tweeting “You know what this means right….?” followed by two winky face emojis. 

Six weeks later, on Thursday, Jan. 30, Lizzo’s set at the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl Party concert event in Miami, Florida ended with the highly popular single “Juice.” The musician surprised the crowd by bringing out her new friend, Harry Styles, to duet the song. 

The performance was fun for the audience and Lizzo and Styles, as both exhibited very playful and theatrical actions during their time on stage together. 

Soon after, it became clear that Styles and Lizzo run the entertainment industry and that the two are happy together through their work and friendship.

Roughly three weeks later, Lizzo gave the people what they have been waiting for: a cover of Styles’ “Adore You.” 

On Monday, Feb. 17, Lizzo appeared at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge for her round of performances. Fortunately, she chose to cover Styles’ most recent single. 

Her soulful vocals and tunes were phenomenal, complimented by her own Lizzo-twist to it, the most remarkable being her flute solo. Her performance clearly did not disappoint, as the radio host stated that the end of the piece was “just what we needed today.” 

Fans are ecstatic that the duo finally made it full circle with taking turns covering each other, but it is only the beginning. The duo is already making appearances together, as they sat at tables next to each other at the 2020 Brit Awards this past Tuesday evening. They were seen sharing laughs and affection with one another in a chat with host Jack Whitehall. This seems to be the start of a bright friendship, and we are all here for it.

Both Style’s and Lizzo have had their fair and well-deserved share of topping the charts, and they continually empower others with their music and platform. 

Styles and Lizzo are unapologetically expressing themselves, and they each have grown into their own. Throughout his entire solo career, Styles has stood by his platform of “Treat People With Kindness,” the name of track 11 on his most recent album “Fine Line.” He is openly supportive and encouraging to all people, despite their less recognized background. 

Similarly, Lizzo does not hold back from the purest form of self-expression. She takes pride in her black skin, femininity and plus-sized self. The singer emphasizes the fact that it is important to love yourself first, but also admire those all around us. 

The combination of Styles and Lizzo creates the strongest example of confidence, acceptance, talent and, of course, stunning looks. 

Harry Styles and Lizzo are the power duo fans never knew they needed, but are more than thrilled to witness. Us fans cannot wait to see what else these bold beauties have in store as their relationship grows.