List of top trends seen in Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of Peter T, Wikipedia

Throughout the month of February, major fashion capitals worldwide participate in a week of showcasing the fashion industry’s latest collections and influential trends on runways. Listed below are the most viewed and followed trends in the midst of Fashion Week. Do not be surprised if you see these looks around campus once the weather starts getting warmer!

1. Leather

This trend is no longer reserved for fall or winter. Suitable for both day and night, leather material is often seen in either tops or skirts. A favorite of Kim Kardashian, it is the perfect look for nightlife.


2. Disco Collar

This 70s look proves that disco is alive and back better than ever. The collar was seen on many runways this Fashion Week, praised for making you stand out. This look makes anybody look both cute and professional!


3. Oversized Bags

Goodbye mini purses, hello large bags! Oversized bags are the perfect accessory to enhance your outfit. The benefit of them is that you can fit almost anything in your bag and look stylish at the same time.


4. Bermuda Shorts

These shorts are typically knee-length and flattering on all body types. Available in all different styles, colors and materials, these trousers are best worn with a tight-fitted top.


5. Hot Pants

Popular in the 1960s and 1970s, these short shorts are perfect to wear as the weather warms up. This cute article of clothing can be styled with light leggings or tights. Enhancing the booty, this bottom is perfect for summer.


6. Bra-tops

This top looks best with an oversized jacket thrown over it. Not to be confused with crop tops, this little article of fabric is a perfect choice for a night out with friends. The best part is that it looks good with almost any bottom, from skirts to high-waisted mom jeans.