Rumors circulate after this week’s episode of “The Bachelor”

Photo courtesy of WP:NFCC#4

On Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor,” there were four hometown dates that Peter Weber had to attend. Peter met Hannah Ann in Tennessee, and while they were there, he gave Hannah Ann a list of reasons why he loves her because she gave him a list of reasons why she is falling for him on the last date they were on.

Peter made his way to Iowa to meet Kelsey, and she expressed that she is scared because there are other girls in this situation. Kelsey’s mother seems very protective of Kelsey: she told him to not break her heart.

Telling the bachelor something like that is hard to do because he is going to break someone's heart or multiple hearts at the end of this journey.

Kelsey has told him that she is falling in love with him and I think she was hoping that Peter would say it to her, but he didn’t.

Peter then went onto Alabama to meet Madison. They were playing basketball and she was impressing Peter with her basketball skills. I think Madison is starting to fall in love with him, but she hasn’t told him, while he has told her he is falling in love with her.

Next, Peter goes to Virginia to meet Victoria F. His ex-girlfriend, who used to be friends with Victoria F., told him to be careful, for she has ended many relationships. Peter brought this up to her and she denied it. Victoria didn’t have anything to say, but this made her want to give up because she was feeling attacked. Peter decided to leave and not meet her family. They met the next day and agreed that they need to work on communication. 

At the rose ceremony, Peter decided to give Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. the roses. Kelsey didn’t receive a rose, which was a shock to most people and to her as well, because she thought they had a great connection. Peter claims to not have been falling in love with Kelsey, but she was falling in love with him.

At the end of the rose ceremony, they find out they are going to Australia for fantasy suite week, which is a time and place for the couples to be intimate. Madison asked Peter to talk before he leaves, most likely to discuss that she is saving herself for marriage.

This rose ceremony was shocking because I didn’t think he would pick Victoria F. since they have been fighting and didn’t meet her family. 

Additionally, there has been a lot of drama with Victoria F. She took part in the “White Lives Matter” campaign, causing controversy and assumptions of racism. It was about the white and blue marlins and how they are being overfished.

She didn’t apologize for the campaign, because she thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong; however, she recently apologized. Additional questionable flaws include being known to have dated married men, and it was also recently released that she had a DWI in 2017.

During this season, there have been rumors about who Peter Weber ends up with and one of the rumors is he ends up with one of the producers from the show. This rumor began because he was seen with her on New Year’s Eve in New York City with her and his family. She also posted a picture on Instagram.

There is another rumor that he ends up with Hannah Ann, because she was on a Delta flight to Atlanta and he was flying a Delta plane to the same place. I personally would love for him to get back together with Hannah Brown because they have great chemistry, but I would love it if he ends up with the producer, because it is the ultimate big plot twist.