This week’s episode of “The Bachelor” upsets many

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On Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor,” Madison tells Peter after the rose ceremony that it will be hard for her if he slept with someone else.

She did not tell him that she was saving herself for marriage yet, only saying that her faith is really important to her. Peter told her that he is crazy about her and told her it is not fair to the other relationships if he is not intimate with them.

She does not want to give him an ultimatum, but she will not be okay with him being intimate with Hannah Ann and Victoria F.

The three women lived together during Fantasy Suite Week, which has never happened on the show before. Peter spent the night with Hannah Ann and it did look like they were going to be intimate during their Fantasy Suite date.

When Hannah Ann came back from her date in the morning, Madison and Victoria F. were uneasy, feeling uncomfortable because they did not know what to ask since they had a feeling of what had happened. That is why in the past they have not let the last three women live together during that week because it makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. 

Hannah Ann found out that Madison might leave if he was intimate with her or Victoria F. She thought that was just “madness” because Hannah Ann knew what she signed up for. Hannah Ann and Victoria F. should not have been mad about an “ultimatum” that had no weight behind it; it is Madison’s life and she has her own opinions, values and beliefs — and there is nothing wrong with that. It seems like they are judging her. When Victoria F. went on her date with Peter, she became vulnerable and told him she was never asked in her past relationship how she feels, she got defensive when Peter asks her because she did not know how to react to it. 

Madison and Peter went on their date, but during dinner, Madison told him she was saving herself for marriage and she told him how it was important to her. Madison also said she does not want to feel less than or be looked at differently because of her values and standards. Peter did not think she was serious when she first told him that she might leave if he was intimate with the other women. Peter asked her if she would really leave if he had, and she basically reaffirmed that she would. 

Madison told him that it had been hard for her this entire time, and that it was hard for her to see and hear him kissing other women. She has overcome and compromised a lot for him because she may be falling in love with him and wants to fight for their relationship. Peter did not ask her to go to the fantasy suite and she left. 

I am very upset about this episode because it made me uneasy. In my opinion, the producers made sure that Madison was the last date and wanted the women to stay in the same house to see Madison feel uneasy and uncomfortable during the week. Why would they do that to her? Just because she is saving herself for marriage? Those are her beliefs and she stands by them, there is nothing wrong with that. I think they set her up for failure, but it makes me feel like Peter might have realized how special she was. 

It seems like Madison left, but in the promotion for next week's episode, the women ask each other where she is. They have a right to be concerned, since she lived with them.