Bella Hadid walks in Milan Fashion Week as a top model

Photo courtesy of Georges Biard, Wikipedia

As Milan Fashion Week kicked off on February 18th, fashion bloggers, writers, designers and stylists everywhere were on the lookout for the biggest names in fashion showing out on the runway. 

On the runway, there are always plenty of models to see. Model, Bella Hadid being one of the most commonly known high-fashion supermodels was in the spotlight all week long. Walking in over ten fashion shows in Italy, Hadid debuted fashion apparel and accessories for the top and most well-known and prestigious designers in the world today. 

Hosted in one of the world’s most prominent fashion capitals, fifty-four designers were scheduled to produce a show. Among the ten designers, Bella walked for Alberta-Ferretti, Moschino, Max Mara, Fendi and Versace. Along with the official shows, there was a whole other runway going on outside each fashion district and show. Fashion editors, fashion enthusiasts, and most of all, models, dress to impress and inspire in their street style. On the streets, many models including Bella Hadid flaunt some new looks in between shows. Bella Hadid wore some of the most interesting and trendy clothing.

We will review her top five looks at Milan Fashion Week:

Walking for Alberta-Ferretti, Bella Hadid walked in a sheer and mesh sparkly purple dress. Even walking in flats (a model’s least used shoe type) she struts the runway.

Making it down the runway for Moschino, Bella embodied the circus in her seemingly “IT” inspired look. Paired with a ukelele of sorts, her bright red lips and volumized collar stole the show. This Moschino look brightened the runway.

On the Max Mara runway, the color purple stole the show as Bella walked in a futuristic sporty jumpsuit. The vest shaped top matched the breton shaped hat and dark lips.

Hadid's Fendi look featured statement earrings, a large clutch, and a summer or fall season color palette. The long jacket/jumpsuit had elements that were fit for a hot summer vacation or a cool day at the end of summer. Adding some sex appeal, Bella wore the outfit with the buttons undone down her chest. Her iconic pixie buns added to the chic look.

Last for this runway rundown was the notorious Versace. Dressed in gladiator heels, a button-up, shoulder-padded shirt laying underneath a black dress, this business look is made modern with the slicked-back hair. Adding to the drama of the look, Bella held a black clutch as she showed off for Versace.

Out of the fifty-four Milan Fashion Week show creators, the designers that Bella Hadid walked or received the most press. Adding to Bella’s fame, her family also attends shows. Bella Hadid’s sister, Gigi Hadid walks alongside her in many shows including the Milan Max Mara show. Yolanda Hadid, the models’ Mom was seen attending her daughters show in Milan as well.

There are many factors that contribute to the fame of the Hadid family, but Bella’s frequency on the runway and her continuous fashion, beauty and magazine debuts are what will keep her as a top model in the public eye and will contribute to her success as an internationally recognized model in years to come.