Harry Styles “Falling” video is raw and personal

Photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi, Wikipedia

With the release of the third video off of his sophomore album “Fine Line,” international phenomenon Harry Styles has done it again with a stunning music video for the next single off the album, “Falling.” 

“Falling” stands out from the rest of the songs on his album, as it is without a doubt the most emotional and ballad-like song. With a powerful chorus of “What am I now? / What am I now / What if I’m someone I don’t want around? / I’m fallin’ again,” Styles exceptionally conveys the emotional whirlwind of pain and heartbreak. 

The music video, directed by Dave Meyers, depicts a dramatic Victorian scene. Styles is laying down on the ground in the beginning of the music video, eventually making his way to a water-filled piano. 

He gracefully plays the piano while making intense eye contact with the viewer – or camera. As the video progresses, his emotions take over his face and body and his pain is visibly revealed.

Whether a dedicated Harry fan or a first timer, it is impossible not to feel emotionally invested in his performance and visuals. 

Throughout the video, water begins to overflow and spill out of the piano, yet Styles continues to vigorously play. The speed of the spilling water increases, and it expresses just how quickly his thoughts and emotions are filling in his head and heart.

At the bridge, and frankly the most tear jerking part of the song, Styles releases a long and loud high note with the line “I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again,” and the pool of water submerges over his face. He is completely consumed. 

He continues to sing and perform as he is drowning, not only in the water, but within his own thoughts and struggles. He floats under the water as his hair and long tulle shirt flawlessly drift.

The video ends with a close up of the singer’s lifeless face under the water. Though his eyes are closed and he remains emotionless, it is impossible to watch and not feel as if you are drowning as well.

As part of his aesthetic, Styles has incorporated water in various manners: music videos, photoshoots and album covers. Of his five music videos, four of them involve large bodies of water and Styles either in or above it. 

Even in his unreleased music “Two Ghosts” off of his debut album “Harry Styles,” leaked photos show the glamourous man standing in shallow water with various pink, lilac and blue backgrounds. 

The album art for his debut album is Styles in a floral bath. Promotional photos for his first single “Sign of the Times” and his first solo tour consisted of Styles laying and standing in shallow water.

Styles produces very vulnerable music, and it is easy to conclude that his connection to water signifies the tears and overflow of emotions he is constantly dealing with. 

Overall, Harry Styles has yet to release distasteful content, let alone music videos. He plays on symbolism and ambiguity, but his work is breathtakingly stunning. If you plan on watching the “Falling” music video for the first time or the hundredth time, be sure to grab a box of tissues and let your feelings roam free.

5/5 stars