Roses and proposes: The bachelor finally chooses

Photo courtesy of USA Logo

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, the majority of contestants came back for the Women Tell All. 

Before the Women Tell All started, Peter had a rose ceremony. Peter had a conversation with Chris Harrison, admitting what he did to Madison did not go the right way. Peter does not know what will happen at the rose ceremony, as he envisions all three women as his future wife. Madison then comes on the screen to let Chris Harrison know she loves him, but is disappointed and upset about what happened on their fantasy suite date. 

Ultimately, Peter gave Hannah Ann and Madison roses. After Madison accepted the rose, Peter asked if she was sure, to which she said yes. Victoria F. was sent home, feeling sad and disappointed to fail in finding love.

The contestants from this season weighed in on if Madison gave Peter an ultimatum or not. Some girls do not believe what Madison did was an ultimatum, as she simply told Peter how she feels about him being intimate with other women.

The Women Tell All consisted of screaming matches. The conversation about Tammy calling Kelsey an “alcoholic” and “pill popper” was mentioned. Tammy believes it is her business to know if those names held truth, as she is concerned for Kelsey and is also sharing Peter’s saliva. Many contestants believe Tammy was shaming Kelsey for having emotions.

Victoria F. expressed regret for how she acted during the season and admitted to putting Peter through a lot of emotions. Chris Harrison asked her if she broke multiple marriages, which she denied. Victoria F. believes those rumors were created with bad intentions.

Chris Harrison did not ask Victoria F. about the campaign she participated in regarding “White Lives Matter.” I thought this was surprising, as many viewers were shocked by this fact, especially due to the fact that she was originally going to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan, which did not occur due to the race-oriented campaign. 

Peter was in the hot seat at the Women Tell All, admitting he did not know how to handle being the bachelor. Peter received advice from previous bachelors, who informed him the position cannot be handled until it is actually done. Peter is aware of the mistakes he made during the season. He had to focus on what he wanted instead of focusing on the opinions of others, since many viewers had a lot to say this season.

At the end, a previous bachelorette named Rachel came on to discuss the hateful tweets, comments and DMs that the contestants receive daily. She read the comments out loud, one of which stating “kill yourself”.

Tammy received a work email, beginning with a person inquiring about looking to buy a house. However, the rest of the email was listing reasons why she should kill herself. Chris Harrison and Rachel wanted to bring awareness to these hateful messages, as they receive hate daily.