Center for Reading and Writing offers online sessions

Photo courtesy of Burst, Unsplash

As a full-time college student and a tutoring consultant at the Center for Reading and Writing, located in the George T. Potter Library, I know how difficult it is to fit writing assignments into my busy schedule.

When my professors stand up and announce to the class that a ten-page-long paper will be due within the week, sometimes I feel like my brain is going to burst. 

In the midst of juggling a packed schedule of work, friends and school, fitting in a visit to the Center for Reading and Writing may seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth. Moreover, if you are a commuter like me, you do not want to make an entire extra trip to Ramapo just for a writing consultation.

Still, you want to improve your writing skills and boost your grade — so what should you do?

The Center for Reading and Writing at Ramapo College is proudly rolling out online sessions this semester. These new online sessions offer students an opportunity to receive reading and writing consultations remotely via video chat.

Students can book sessions with writing tutors online through Ramapo Connect. With the new online sessions, students have the option to customize their schedule and access tutoring services without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Susan Auger, one of the supervisors at the Center for Reading and Writing, said, “We are really excited about the prospect of online consulting. It is so important to meet students where they are, and in the 21st century, students are on their phones and laptops. We also understand that due to busy schedules and multiple responsibilities, it is difficult for students to come to the Center during our in-person hours. Online consulting offers the luxury of being able to share a paper and talk with a consultant from anywhere at almost any time.”

Online sessions work very similarly to the traditional in-person sessions that the Center for Reading and Writing offers.

The service is offered via Zoom, a video-conferencing app that gives its users the ability to share documents and files remotely. Students and tutors can connect face-to-face via video chat while also viewing student assignments together to discuss reading and writing strategies.

Zoom Video Chat is available for download on PC laptops, tablets and on the Apple App Store.

There are several consultants at the Center for Reading and Writing who offer online consultations. Consultations can be scheduled during regular Center hours, but also during evenings and weekends when the Center is traditionally closed.

The new online sessions are an incredible asset to students at Ramapo College and reflect the school’s dedication to making resources available to all students.

For more information about the new online sessions, you can visit the Center for Reading and Writing website at