Katy Perry’s new music video reveals her pregnancy

Photo courtesy of Glenn Francis [Toglenn], Wikipedia

Katy Perry’s first single of the year, “Never Worn White,” which debuted on March 4, left fans excited as she revealed news of her pregnancy. 

Perry’s vocals are accompanied by a beautiful orchestra of piano, violins and cellos. She sings of her romance with Orlando Bloom, who proposed on Valentine’s Day last year. 

Thank God that you were man enough to come/ Answer my mama's prayers/ You asked the question/ I said, "Yes", but I'm scared/ 'Cause I've never worn white/ But I wanna get it right/ Yeah, I really wanna try with you/ No, I've never worn white/ But I'm standing here tonight/ 'Cause I really wanna say, "I do.”

The simplicity of the piano with her voice creates an amazing song with such emotional lyrics that echo her emotions.

In the music video, Perry is seen standing in the middle of a cotton candy sunset in a long white dress and later she is adorned in a crown of flowers.

At the end of the video, she holds her stomach and turns to the side, revealing her pregnancy which sent fans wild with excitement. The reactions on social media have kept “Never Worn White” trending. Celebrities like Cardi B. and James Charles have congratulated the couple since the big announcement. 

After performing the song live for the first time on “The Project”, an Australian TV show, Perry said, "I'm definitely in it; there's no hiding it and no passing it off as, like, you know, just a breakfast burrito," she said. "I've always been a very curvy girl and I love to eat, so there had been rumors in the past that people had thought that I was pregnant…and now, they're right! They're more than right, yes. These are not cookies in my belly."

“Never Worn White” is followed by Perry’s three latest singles of 2019, “Harleys in Hawaii,” “Small Talk” and “Never Really Over.” 

5/5 stars