Who decides the “final rose”: Peter or his mother?

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The two-part finale of this season of “The Bachelor” was on Monday and Tuesday night, starting with the two final ladies meeting Peter’s family.

The family met both women and their preference was clear: they loved Hannah Ann; she was welcoming, and they did not see any problems with her, but when Peter’s family met Madison, they had their concerns because she had not told Peter how she felt about him until that very moment. When they were talking, Peter thought that Madison did give him an ultimatum last week, but I do not believe was the case. 

Madison told his father that even if they do not end up together, she wants the best for him because she cares about him. His family overstepped– they asked if he would be okay with saving himself until his potential marriage with Madison.

​So, this is the tea. Peter’s mom came for Madison, suggesting that she made an unfair ultimatum. She was attacking Madison: she believes that Madison is not there for him and “Hannah Ann is an angel on earth.” Please! This mother has the audacity to say that while criticizing Madison for being religious.

Madison decided to surrender because there were too many differences between them, and she didn't want to force love.

Despite his confliction, Hannah Ann decided to go to the final rose ceremony, and they got engaged.

Unaware of it, Hannah Ann was his second choice. Peter should not have brought up his ex’s name while proposing to his future wife, but he did.

Hannah Ann and Peter broke up within a couple of weeks. She was mad because he did not give her the relationship she wanted. “Your words, you can’t be true to them.” Hannah Ann said, blindsided as Peter told her he could not give her his entire heart.

She handled herself well in this situation. Most people were not the biggest fans of her, but I loved her bravery. 

Meanwhile, Chris Harrison decided to visit Madison in Alabama. He asked if she regretted leaving and she did. Upon finding out about the breakup, she seemed to have mixed emotions, but flew to California to meet with Peter. Madison still loved him, but she did not know how he truly felt. Harrison told Madison that the engagement ended because Peter still had feelings for her.

This footage is shown to a live audience and his mother looked very upset (clearly, she is not a Madison stan). Peter was surprised to see Madison. This was the first time seeing each other in a while, and he told her that he messed up, but they both were still in love. Harrison asked Peter if he is in love with Madison; hesitantly, he said, “Yeah.”

Now, if you are in love with someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, your answer should be, “Yes, I love this woman.” I do not think he was ever in love with any of the women, in fact I think he just wanted to feel like he did. Bachelor Nation knows how he falls in love, since he was head-over-heels for Hannah Brown, he did not share that same love with anyone else. Peter wants what he cannot have, if you know what I mean. 

When Madison came on stage to talk to Harrison and Peter, Mama Weber had a lot to say. She should not be mad, because her own son didn’t meet one family on the hometown dates! According to her, Madison was not as warm and welcoming as Hannah Ann was, nor was she madly in love with Peter and ready to accept a proposal. I understand that she wants the best for her son, but do not trash this girl that he “loves” on live television. 

Madison told her that she wants to be undeniably herself, and she would never say anything negative about his family.

While Madison was talking about how heartbroken she was and telling Peter’s mother about how she needs to be her true self, Peter’s mother was disgusted. The mother told her husband in Spanish, “Dile algo también, ayúdame,” meaning, “Say something bad too, help me.” Peter’s mother believes that only one woman was compromising in their relationship with Peter: Hannah Ann.

This is simply not true; Madison did compromise, but she is not going to compromise her values, which are being connected to God and herself. I think the mother was implying that she should compromise by giving up her standards, which conflicts with her belief to save herself for marriage. That should not be a compromise.

Peter told the audience that his family can be emotional and dramatic, but it comes from a place of love. He told his family, “This is someone I love and I want you to accept her for who she is.”

His mom kept putting herself in situations that she did not belong in. Madison stood up for herself and interrupted his mother, saying it was not just Peter’s journey of finding love, it was her journey too. His mother told him and the audience that he needs to fail to succeed, and his family and friends think their relationship is not going to work.

Madison believed that this is not the way to handle problems; to her, they should be held privately without cameras and a TV audience. Peter and Madison are taking it slow, as far as Bachelor Nation knows.

Fans do not like Peter’s mom anymore– I mean, I don’t. I think she was very disrespectful towards Madison for no reason. If your son is happy, you should be happy for him. I hope Peter and Madison stay together to prove his mother wrong, but I also want her to run for the hills. Peter is a mama’s boy. His mother does not like her, so she will constantly feel like she is not good enough.

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