John Bolton’s memoir is under fire for comments against Trump

Photo courtesy of White House, Wikipedia

John Bolton's newly released memoir “The Room Where It Happened” has hit the charts. In the book, Bolton gives an account of his days at the oval office as former national security advisor, where he witnessed the poor manner in which Trump handled government affairs.

Bolton emphasizes to his audience the ego of Trump, how it interferes with foreign policy and risked the well-being of the U.S.  He reveals large accusations such as Trump requesting China’s help to win re-election, offering personal favors to dictators, suggesting wanting to serve more than two terms, and stating invading Venezuela would be “cool.”

Although the memoir achieved success in the charts, the United States government did not take a liking to it. In fact, the U.S. The Department of Justice attempted to prevent the publishing of the book and is now in the process of launching a full criminal investigation against Bolton. Trump accuses his former advisor of being a liar and claims the book is full of fake stories.

I do not believe a criminal investigation into Bolton is necessary. 

The classified information leaked about Trump will hurt him in the upcoming presidential election. Trump has caused vast amounts of damage to foreign policy and the governmental operations of the United States, and this book was the icing on the cake. However, the memoir is not the only piece of evidence that proves Trump is abusing his power and is improperly executing his role as president.

Loads of news articles, opinion editorials, magazines and books have been written about Trump’s bizarre and immature nature. Media outlets have been quick to point out false statements made in speeches and rallies. Social media outlets emphasize his lack of care for human rights as well, for the president has neglected racial injustice or the ICE detainees who are dying at the border. It is evident Trump would continue causing more turmoil for the nation if he served another four years as president.

The information detailed in Bolton’s memoir should not be kept from the public. Revealing highly confidential information may prove dangerous in some cases, but not in this one. The American people deserve to be aware that their current president is leading them to disaster. 

The way in which Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic also defines his time as president: reckless and selfish. While other countries such as New Zealand are now lifting bans as a result of carrying out safety precautions early, Trump waited until the last minute to highlight the severity of the disease, even though he had knowledge of the damage since January.

Trump needs to be voted out of office for the better of our nation.