Classic Halloween movies you need to watch this season

Photo courtesy of Andrea Davis, Unsplash


As we enter October, the spooks and scares of Halloween are among us. To get into the Halloween spirit, having a horror movie marathon is the perfect way to go. 

Horror movies have been around for decades. They have shaped our culture and how we celebrate the Halloween season. Sure, there are plenty of different themes and genres of spooky films, but today I will be listing five horror movies that may not be the scariest, but definitely tell a good, classic story. These horror classics are suspenseful, gruesome and explore the impossible. 

Check out these horror movies this month, if you dare.

1. “Child’s Play” 1, 2 and 3 (1988-1991)

Chucky is a notorious horror villain. In the year 1988, we were introduced to this little demon, and in my opinion, the first three movies are the best films. We get to develop and learn who Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray is and his obsession with Andy Barclay. Although the first three “Child’s Play” films are very dated movies when it comes to special effects, it still lives up as a Halloween classic that’s sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Each movie shows a progression of Chucky’s antics and how the kids respond. Chucky has made his way into horror culture, and it’s only fair to pay a tribute to him and “Child’s Play” this spooky season. The first three “Child’s Play” movies can be found on HBO Go.

2. “Candyman” (1992)

Another horror classic, the original “Candyman” movie was released Oct. 16, 1992. The film features an aspiring journalist named Hellen Lyle, played by Virginia Madsen, and she is assigned a college project to do research on an urban legend. She decides to do her research on Candyman, played by Tony Todd, which gets her into big trouble, causing her to come at fault for all the horrors that occurs around her. This movie allows us to develop empathy for both the antagonist and protagonist. We find out Candyman’s past and the reason for why he has come after Hellen Lyle. We also feel for Hellen due to the fact she loses everything in the process of Candyman’s pain. There is a hint of sexual tension between the two, which causes a twisted love story. This is a Halloween must. You can find “Candyman” on Netflix. 

3. “Nightmare on Elm” Franchise (1984-1991)

I cannot recommend just one “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie. You cannot skip to any of the other movies unless you plan to start from the beginning with the 1984 “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Besides the remake that was released in 2010, each of the films build off each other. In the first movie, we learn about horror icon Freddy Kreuger and his pedophilic background. Within each movie, we get just a little bit more information about him and watch his powers evolve each time. These movies may not be the scariest, as they are dated, but what keeps you intrigued is the mystery about Kreuger and the people he targets. “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies can be found on HBO Go and can be rented through YouTube.

4. “The Final Destination” Franchise (2000-2011)

These are by far the most modern movies on this list. The first “Final Destination” movie was released in March of 2000, with the last one being released on Aug. 12, 2011. This movie does not specifically have a well visible killer like the others. The murderer in this movie is death itself. Although each movie does have the same exact formula, the main character has a premonition none of their friends believe in, until they witness it come true. It feels different with every watch because we are given different characters with each movie. “Final Destination” is a gruesome movie that keeps the audience guessing on who will need to be saved next. This is a franchise, so it is recommended to watch the Final Destination movies in order, but there is no issue with randomly picking one of the films to enjoy, as important information audience members will need to know is mentioned throughout the films. The “Final Destination” movies can be rented on YouTube. 

5. “Halloween” (1978)

The classic “Halloween” was released Oct. 27, 1978. This movie is a miss or hit; you’ll  either like it or you won’t. The movie is slow paced compared to all the other movies listed. We spend half the movie getting to know Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and her friend group as they are being stalked by Michael Myers, played by Tony Moran. What makes Michael Myers different from the other horror movie icons on this list would be that we do not know exactly why Myers is killing. We are aware his first murder of his sister, Judith, took place on the Halloween of 1963, but we never figure out why. Also, Michael seems to plan out his murders in advance and is in no rush to do so with his iconic slow walk. The last 30 minutes of the movie is when the horror actually begins leaving us with a cliff hanger. I would recommend to give this movie a try to see if you would be interested in the rest of the “Halloween” franchise. You can rent “Halloween” on Prime Video, iTunes or on The Ruku Channel.


There are plenty of horror and Halloween themed films to watch to help you get into the holiday spirit, so if you are planning on having a marathon in the upcoming month, make sure to add these to your list!