Ramapo abides by CDC guidelines during Oktoberfest

Photo courtesy of Ramapo SGA, Instagram

Oktoberfest is a staple fall tradition at Ramapo. Each year, one would be hard-pressed to find a student not wearing their free t-shirt roaming around campus, enjoying the events. Of course, like everything else in 2020, this is not quite the same now.

Though Ramapo’s campus is currently only home to around 300 residents this fall, the Student Government Association worked hard to ensure that some events could still be hosted safely on campus. In collaboration with the Center for Student Involvement, they were able to create an Oktoberfest movie night on the bandshell lawn on Saturday, Oct. 10.

SGA Senator Paolo Miyashiro said that around 40 students were able to attend the outdoor event. To do so, they had to register in advance to ensure any necessary contact tracing should the need arise. Attending students were also invited to bring their snacks of their own. 

Miyashiro shared how happy he was to give “students a chance to socialize on campus away from their screens and at a safe distance from each other.” One of the biggest issues for students today is the feeling of connection with their peers, and events like these allow them to do just that. 

SGA has no shortage of virtual events prepared to keep students feeling the spirit of Oktoberfest. This coming weekend, they have three nights of events planned that students can register for on Archway. These events include an illusionist performance, bingo, trivia, and an interactive murder mystery. Events like these give students a chance to socialize without ever leaving the safety of their room.



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Of course, Oktoberfest would not be complete without its iconic t-shirts, a variation of which surely lives in the drawer of nearly every student. This year, students won’t be able to find a free stack in the Student Center, but they will be able to support the WeCare program by purchasing one. WeCare supports the student relief fund and the campus food pantry, so owners of this year’s shirt can wear it proudly knowing they’ve helped their fellow peers in a time where everyone could use a hand.

The leaves are turning orange and red across Ramapo’s campus. While many will see it only in photos this year, students enjoying events like these may get the chance to see it for themselves, if only for a night.

“I'm happy that even in this new environment, we are still able to enjoy the spirit of Oktoberfest,” Miyashiro said. “No matter where we are.”