13 spooktacular ways to celebrate Halloween in a pandemic

Photo courtesy of David Menidrey, Unsplash


As Halloween creeps towards us amidst the pandemic, the desire to feel spooky is of utmost importance. While it may be incredibly disappointing to be homebound when Oct. 31 finally lands on a Saturday, you can preserve the spooky season right from the safety of your own home. 

1. Fill any dead space with Halloween tunes

Pop open Spotify and play this 95 song Halloween playlist while you engage in other haunting activities. Featuring classics from “Thriller” by Michael Jackson to “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow, this variety is sure to bring any dead moment to life. 

2. Carve up some wicked pumpkins

Whether you pick one up at the Home Depot or go to your nearest pumpkin patch, transform your front porch or walkway with personalized pumpkins. Most grocery stores have simple carving kits that will keep you occupied for hours. If you’re not looking to be covered in pumpkin goo, consider breaking out a paint set and turn your gourd into a canvas. 

3. Trick-or-treat yourself to some homemade goodies 

Whip out your supplies to bake Halloween themed treats. You can find recipes for a “Graveyard Cake,” “Frankenstein Fingers” and more ideas here.

4. Have yourself a ghostly photoshoot

You may not be able to show off your costume in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it online. Grab your phone or camera and seek out the perfect location to compliment this year’s costume. Play “Oh Klahoma” by Jack Stauber while you’re at it and participate in the beloved “ghost photoshoot” trend on TikTok. 

5. Tune into Freeform’s iconic “31 Nights of Halloween” 

Freeform is playing Halloween flicks all day, from “Hocus Pocus” to “Ghostbusters.” Plan out your viewing schedule here or simply leave the channel on for satisfying background noise. 

6. Watch the most scream-worthy horror films on Netflix

According to Rotten Tomatoes, these are the top 45 best horror films on Netflix this Halloween season. If you are too frightened to watch them alone, you can use the Netflix Party Chrome extension to watch the movies with someone else. Watch at night and in the dark — if you dare. 

7. Relive that one “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” episode that chilled us to the bone

Don’t have a lot of time for binge watching? Celebrate the season with the most iconic “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” Halloween episode, “The Ghost in Suite 613.

8. Bring more childhood nostalgia back from the dead with old Disney commercials

Add a hauntingly familiar ambience to your home by playing this collection of Disney commercials that played during Oct. 2004. 

9. Keep your tricks and treats contactless for your neighborhood children

If your neighborhood allows trick-or-treating, put a card table in your yard, lay out a spooky tablecloth, and scatter candy directly from the store bag onto the table. Add a fun sign to let others know that you’re open for business — don’t forget to wash your hands first!

10 Host a fang-tastic Zoom costume party

Celebrate the season this Saturday night by video chatting with all your best pals. Consider a group costume or a theme. Throw in a virtual poll to vote for “Best Costume!”

11. Plan a suspiciously thrilling “Among Us” night

Turn on some spooky tunes and download the hottest game, “Among Us,” for a heart-racing night of mini murder mysteries. For extra fun, create a DIY headpiece that matches your crewmate.

12. Invite your friends to a virtual murder mystery night

If you’re willing to split $30 among your friends, you can purchase an online murder mystery package from Red Herring Games. Party packs include “Murder on the Dance Floor” and “Little Rock Horror Shop Murder.” Find more options here!

13. Exchange Halloween JibJab e-cards to your friends and family

JibJab is popular once again and is here to entertain you with the goofiest and spookiest Halloween themed e-cards.

Don’t let this horrifying year get in the way of your spooky scary Halloweekend! Try out any or all 13 killer festivities to ensure you have a graveyard smash you’ll never forget!