Recommended ways to conquer a reading slump

Photo courtesy of Patrick Tomasso, Unsplash


Reading is one of the oldest forms of art known to man. People have been picking up books for hundreds and hundreds of years, with no end in sight. Even with the advent of movies, television, video games and all the other modern modems of entertainment, books have thrived and continue to garner the attention of people young and old from all walks of life. 

Reading books has a number of listed health benefits, including the ability to “improve brain connectivity, increase your vocabulary and comprehension, empower you to empathize with other people, aid in sleep readiness, reduces stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate, fight depression symptoms, prevent cognitive decline as you age & it contributes to a longer life,” stated by Healthline Media.

For this reason, I think it would be positive for everyone to have a small block of time where they regularly read. This is what I have attempted to do in my own personal schedule. However, keeping to this schedule can be incredibly challenging.

In my experience, it has been excessively difficult to balance my independent reading against my academic and personal obligations. Even when I do find the rare free moments, it’s hard to shift into the reading mindset. 

To remedy this, I have delved deep and uncovered the best ways to find time to read, conquer a reading slump and enter the position where you can seize your moment you dive into a good book!

Putting time aside to read

The best way to incorporate reading into an already chaotic schedule is to pencil it in like you would any other appointment or assignment. When you get the calendar notification telling you it is time to read, treat it with the same importance as if you had to go to a class or a shift at work. 

How to get into the right headspace

Always make sure your book holds your attention. One reason you may not be in the right mode to be reading is because you don’t like your book! Your interests can shift with the moment and you may want to pick up a new book instead. That’s ok, and you shouldn’t feel bad about switching to a new one. 

Goodreads & book communities

A good way to be excited about reading is to connect with other people who share similar interests. Having this social reinforcement will boost your excitement and encourage you in your reading endeavors. A great way to do this is to use the Goodreads app or website. This is an excellent way to track your reading habits, join book communities and apply for giveaways too. You can also find book-based communities on Facebook to meet like-minded readers.

Eliminating tech distractions

What gets in the way of my reading the most is technology. I feel like this is a problem for many readers as well. There is an insane amount of distractions online, from streaming TV shows or senselessly scrolling through social media. To combat this, move your devices into a separate room.

Making a good reading environment

To create a nice environment for reading, try and find a spot to make a book nook. It can be anywhere from a whole room to a chair. Light some candles, turn on background music that matches the vibe or your book (some fans even make custom playlists inspired by certain books), make it comfy with pillows or blankets, then sink into your book. 

It might take some time to get back into a consistent reading schedule, but you can do it. Happy reading!