Safe ways to spread love this Valentine’s Day

Photo courtesy of Luke Whittington, Flickr


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and whether you think it’s just another Hallmark holiday or you cherish the idea of celebrating love, it’s almost here. Even if you do not have a romantic partner as your valentine this year, there is still plenty of love around for friends, family and yourself. During a time like this where we can’t hug our loved ones like we used to, and many of us are reduced to seeing loved ones through a screen, it is more important than ever to spread love. 

If you have a romantic partner this year, there are several ways to celebrate. My personal favorite, with most restaurants having limited capacity restrictions, is to order in takeout from a place you both like and share your favorite dishes with each other.

Want to spice up the experience? Build a homemade fort out of blankets and pillows. You can add some Christmas lights and candles to create a feeling that you’re somewhere romantic and not at home. After you’re done eating your favorite dishes, grab some melting chocolate, strawberries and some sprinkles to make your own delectable dessert.

If you have a “galentine” this year, you can go to the store with a spending limit of twenty dollars each and buy each other your favorite snack, candy, and drink. Head back home with your treats and put on your favorite rom-com, like “The Notebook,” and have a good cry with your girls. If you want to be extra safe because of COVID-19, you can still do this idea! Drop the treats at each other’s house and log onto Netflix Party and to stream a movie together.

For friends of all kinds, there are always ways to show that you care for and love each other. My suggestion would be to do a “Secret Valentine” with more than two friends, choose names out of a hat and then get yours something special. This could be a handwritten note telling the person how much they mean to you, a bag of their favorite candy, or a small gift of something you know that they like. Regardless of what the gesture is, it’s important to remind friends right now that you still love them.

For family, flowers are always a great way to show appreciation and liven up the house. Getting every family member a 99 cent box of their favorite candy is a great way to remind them that you care. Even spending time as a family — although it doesn’t have to be on Feb. 14 specifically — and watching a movie or playing a game could be a great way to spend quality time with each other.

Most importantly, whether you have a Valentine or not, it’s crucial to show yourself love. My favorite way to show a little extra self-love is to treat myself to something I normally don’t do. Whether that be a Starbucks coffee, lunch from my favorite cafe or a shirt I have really been wanting, I like to treat myself every once in a while.

During your self-care day, you can catch up on your favorite TV show, participate in a hobby of yours or even go outside with your pet — it can be anything, as long as it’s something that brings you joy. To end your day of self-care, make sure you take a period of time to relax by meditating, taking a bath or just laying in bed listening to music.