Student Molly Christie plans to make her business “stick”

Photo courtesy of Molly Christie


Molly Christie, a rising senior at Ramapo, has launched a small business. Although she’s majoring in elementary education and minoring in psychology, she opened up a small art business on Instagram, Christie Creations.

She makes many different kinds of stickers, Spotify song code plaques and personalized digital drawings. Molly said that although she’s never had an interest in art specifically and never took any classes, she would often use coloring and drawing as stress relievers. 

“My idea for Christie Creations came one day when I wanted to buy stickers to decorate my laptop,” Christie shared in an interview. “After I added 1000 stickers to my cart online and saw how much money I was about to spend I said why don’t I just make them myself?” 

“I did some research and started playing with the Procreate app on my iPad and fell in love with it,” she said. “I began to make some for my friends and realized this was something that could possibly become bigger than I ever thought.”

She got started by trying to get the word out about her small business, and she was discouraged when the business wasn’t getting the recognition she wanted. Christie persevered, however, and is now making good sales and is “surrounded by more love than [she] ever thought [she] would be.”

Christie Creations is now a second income for her, but also something that she just loves to do. She shared that she wants to create products that would be accessible to everyone because as a college student she understands the financial struggle. Her stickers are usually two to three dollars apiece and include free stickers with every purchase.

Christie’s favorite stickers to make are portrait stickers. “With any picture of your choice, I can create a digital drawing of it. I love these because they are special and personalized stickers. Seeing the customer’s reaction when they receive the sticker is amazing and always makes my heart so happy.”

She also shared that she is “always open to doing custom orders and creations; they are so fun! Any ideas or visions a customer has I try my hardest to bring them to life. When someone messages me to do a custom order, it makes me so happy. I just want to create products that make people happy.”

Christie plans to continue running her business through Instagram because she feels as though she can connect with her customers much more closely. “You can find all my waterproof stickers and other fun things on my Instagram. On my page, you can see all of my products as well as [the] highlights ‘my stickers’ and ‘you guys’ where I post all my orders.”

We can expect more from Christie Creations in the future. Christie shared that she has “tons of plans” and that “this is definitely only the beginning.”

“I want to create more products that are not stickers, as silly as that seems,” she said. “Of course I will always make stickers because that is what I enjoy doing, but I have introduced Spotify music plaques to my shop and I have some decor pieces in mind for the future but those are a secret for now!”

Check out her shop on Instagram ( and buy some Ramapo-themed stickers from a fellow Roadrunner.