ABBA makes long-awaited comeback with

Photo courtesy of doblechachanilla, Flickr

After 40 years of no music, ABBA, one of pop culture’s most defining bands has reunited for their new and highly anticipated album.

The band has made a standing impression on the world, with hits such as “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” and “Dancing Queen.” ABBA’s discography appears in movies as recent as 2008’s “Mamma Mia!” and continues to gain well-deserved attention. Whether or not they know it, many music lovers hold their favorite artists to standards ABBA founded in their heyday.

The Swedish pop band consisted of keyboardist Benny Andersson and guitarist Björn Ulvaeus as incredible songwriters while Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog provided the stunning vocals. Each member had a role in creating some of the world’s most commonly known songs, especially during the 70s.

The group had its humble beginnings in Sweden in 1972, one year after Lyngstad Andersson’s engagement and Ulvaeus and Fältskog’s marriage. As a power quartet, both professionally and personally, ABBA began to grow into superstardom.

In 1974, manager Stig Anderson encouraged ABBA to enter the Eurovision Song Contest with one of their most well-known songs today, “Waterloo.” The song became a chart-topper in the UK, West Germany and South Africa. In the United States, it peaked at number six on the “Billboard” Hot 100 list.

After breaking such high records, the group paved the way for their first album, “ABBA: Arrival.” From “Lay All Your Love on Me” to “Fernando,” ABBA has made a lasting impression on the music industry and shaped pop music into what it is today.

Both pairs divorced in 1981 and channeled their bruised emotions into songs such as “The Winner Takes It All.” This strain and tension caused the band to fizzle out of the public eye without an official announcement. 

On Sept. 2 the group announced their new album, “Voyage,” nearly four decades after their last release. To keep fans at bay until the album is fully released on Nov. 2, the band has released two new songs.

“I Still Have Faith in You” is the album’s opening song, a strong power ballad about giving love one last chance and creating more fond memories together. The song begins to unfold as Björn Ulvaeus enters with a small yet impactful guitar solo.

“Don’t Shut Me Down,” on the other hand, is upbeat and full of energy as Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog sing about not backing down from a love connection and letting their partner know to give love a shot. Both songs have sparked a resurgence of adoration for ABBA and excitement around the album’s release. 

The release of a new ABBA album is incredibly monumental, especially after their 40 years of silence. What makes this comeback so special is the unique concert experience in London, starting in May 2022. Band members will appear as digital versions of themselves with a 10-piece band at Olympic Park, which is currently called “ABBA Arena.”

In an article from The Guardian, Andersson comments on this experience, especially since being away from the band for years. “We’re truly sailing in uncharted waters. With the help of our younger selves, we travel into the future.” The fact that the world is getting another ABBA album and a virtual concert experience immortalizes the legacy they have left behind in both the world and our hearts.