2021’s best fall fashion trends, from comfy to chic

Photo courtesy of Kristoffer Trolle, Flickr

The best weather the year has to offer has returned, and with it comes an array of the best items fashion has to offer. Sweaters, boots, beanies and jackets for layering offer so many opportunities to create outfits that make you feel as warm as your next fall coffee. And you don’t have to put away summer clothes just yet, because t-shirts and tank tops make great under layers for warmer days. 

Some trends only last for a season, but many come back every year. Pieces like denim and leather jackets will always be in style, as will knit sweaters and flannel. Resurfacing trends are easy to find at your local thrift store, so updating your wardrobe can be sustainable and inexpensive.

As always, it’s best to wear what you feel most confident in and use the clothes you already have to style into new looks. Trends are fun to follow, but wear what you love! If you’re looking for new style inspiration, though, look no further. Here are some of my favorite styles to add to your lookbook this fall:


  1. Corduroy

This cozy fabric is finally getting the comeback it deserves. Whether in the form of a jacket or pants, corduroy is a great addition to any fall outfit. It comes in just about every color but looks perfect for this season in dark earth tones like hunter green, brown and khaki.


  1. Cargo pants

Extra pockets are not only fashionable but also functional. These were big in the 90s—on joggers, jeans and the classic swishy pants, and come in just as many styles now. Style them with your favorite belt to show off the wide silhouette.


  1. Chunky boots

Doc Martens have been a cold weather staple for decades now, but this style of combat boot is in now more than ever. No need to splurge on real leather though, as plenty of brands have their own styles for a much better price point. Ones with a thick sole are especially in, and who doesn’t like being two inches taller?


  1. Graphic crewnecks

Your favorite band or celebrity is probably putting out a graphic crewneck this season, but you can just as easily find a great one secondhand. Something as simple as an old athletics sweatshirt can add intrigue to your outfit by drawing attention to the design. 


  1. Button downs

Having a button down in your closet opens it up to so many looks—casual or professional, on its own or layered. It can be buttoned up and tucked in, or left open over your favorite tee for a more simple look. 


No matter what you’re wearing this fall, clothing can be an expression of ourselves, and your personal style is always in style.