From spooky to terrifying, our picks for Halloween 2021 movie must-watches

Photo courtesy of R.L. Stine, Fair Use.

Halloween is fast approaching this year, and what better way to spend the holiday than to watch a scary movie! Below is a list consisting of horror flicks to get you in a spooky mood, categorized depending on what you’re interested in. There’s something for everyone on this list, from yourself to your family to a watch party with friends! 


Mild Horror

“Train to Busan” 

If you’re into zombies, this is the film for you! The movie follows Seok-woo, his daughter Su-an and several other passengers trying to survive a zombie outbreak in South Korea, all while on a passenger train. From dangerous fight scenes to zombified baseball players, the film does a great job of balancing lighthearted horror and the importance of love and friendship. “Train to Busan” is available on different streaming services, such as Apple TV or Amazon Prime.


“What We Do In The Shadows” 

From the brilliant mind of Taika Waititi, this film follows Viago, Deacon and Vladislav, three vampires who are struggling to keep up with modern times. From paying rent to dealing with roommate conflicts and not getting into nightclubs, “What We Do In The Shadows” is an excellent combination of horror and comedy. This is a movie that will keep you laughing and a great movie for any new horror fans! The film is also available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Hulu. 


Psychological Horror

“The Shining” 

Stanley Kubrick’s finest has been considered the best horror film for the Halloween season and is personally my favorite. The movie follows Jack Torrance, an aspiring writer anticipating his trip to the infamous Overlook Hotel as the caretaker and overseeing all the hotel’s operations as it closes down for the winter. Jack, his wife Wendy and son Danny all make the trip to the hotel; however, something haunting awaits them. While Jack’s writing goes nowhere, Danny experiences psychic premonitions. As the visions become more disturbing, the movie messes with your mind and makes you realize that everything is not what it appears to be. With beautiful cinematography and a bone-chilling soundtrack, “The Shining” is a Halloween classic and should be enjoyed this year. If you have HBO Max or Amazon Prime, definitely give this movie a watch!



When we think about horror movies, a film about a woman living her worst nightmare over a few days is something that we wouldn’t expect. “Mother!” is a brilliant movie that follows a young woman and her writer husband who recently moved to a secluded house in the middle of nowhere. From there, her husband allows a stranger into their home, and everything begins to change in the worst way possible. The film will leave you wanting more with questions beyond comprehension. It is not your traditional horror movie, but will mess with you psychologically. It can be rented on YouTube or found on Paramount+. 


Horror with Friends

“Fear Street: Parts 1-3” 

Over the summer, Netflix introduced a three-part slasher series that takes inspiration from R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” books. Each movie takes place during different years (1994, 1978 and 1666) but all follow the same storyline. Each movie has a different set of protagonists fighting against an evil force that has struck their town Shadyside for generations. Each film explains the curse of Sarah Fier, a witch that has cursed the land, making citizens of the town responsible for committing a series of murders for centuries and in desperate need of saving before it’s too late. If you didn’t have the chance to watch this over the summer and enjoy the old-school slasher movies, I highly recommend watching it with friends.


“The Blair Witch Project” 

A staple in the “found footage” genre of horror, the film follows three students who travel to a small town to interview the locals about the Blair Witch, a local murder and legend among the community. It takes a drastic and haunting turn when the trio gets lost in the woods and struggles to escape the darkness and possibly the Blair Witch itself. This movie is perfect if you want to get creeped out at night, so it definitely is a must watch that you can rent on Amazon Prime or YouTube.


“The Witch” 

Set in 1630 New England, shame and despair have fallen upon a farmer and his family as they have been banished from their Puritan colony and now forced to leave. As the family builds a farm near a secluded forest, their newborn baby suddenly disappears under the watchful eye of eldest sister, Thomasin. Since the incident, Thomasin is under fire for being considered a witch and her two siblings test the entire family’s faith, love and loyalty after the disappearance of baby Samuel. “The Witch” isn’t commonly known as a horror film and does not receive the credit it deserves, especially when discussing great scary flicks, but it surely will spook you and your friends! It is a bit tricky to find “The Witch” online, but if you can get your hands on it, it will be well worth the watch.