Silent Disco, a new and accessible way to party

Photo courtesy of Kristina Hollosi.

A silent disco was hosted in celebration of Disability Awareness Month on Friday, Oct. 8. It was a program hosted by the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Compliance (EDIC), co-sponsored by the Office of Specialized Services, led by Associate Director of EDIC Rachel Sawyer. This month there is a focus on bringing awareness to all different types of disabilities, and this dance was primarily dedicated to being inclusive towards people with neurodivergence. 

It was designed to be more inclusive by using special wireless headsets for music, equipped with easily adjustable volume and two different music stations. Instead of it being an event with lots of noise, this was a way everyone could still enjoy the music if they want to, but the volume is adjustable. If someone prefers no music or wants to take a break, they can just remove the headphones.

The show “Atypical,” available on Netflix, shows a similar event, so it was interesting to see it at Ramapo. Associate Director Rachel Sawyer said this was a new event that the college has never done before.

The vendor used was Any Excuse for a Party, which provided the supplies, including glow sticks, bands, rings and glow stick glasses. Some of the staff working the event expressed enthusiasm about doing this with the school. 

Some of the positive comments students made included that it was different and they had never experienced something like this before. They also thought the headphones were cool and fun to try, and that the music itself was good. 

Overall the theme of this event was interesting. The props and supplies, especially the headphones, were unique. Associate Director Sawyer also encouraged students to reach out to the EDIC office if they have any questions, suggestions, ideas or just want to know more about getting involved in diversity-related events.