Public Safety conducts survey for sufficient campus lighting

Public Safety conducted a campus lighting survey on Wednesday, Dec. 1 to examine areas within the main campus that are in need of adequate lighting. The project is in coordination with Student Government Association (SGA) as well as other student volunteers. 

The groups involved separated the campus into four sections in order to complete this assignment. Each area of campus was led by a public safety officer with a flashlight, as the event took place after sundown for a more accurate and effective understanding of campus safety. These efforts will not amend any dim or poor lighting within campus shortcuts, however. 

“The goal here would be to work in combination with our community to help address safety issues,” said Lisa Sprague, acting director of Public Safety. “You want your faculty, staff and students to feel safe on campus. Part of that program is having effective lighting.”

Core parts of Ramapo’s campus currently lack sufficient lighting for students to feel safe as they walk through the college and the parking lots. As days begin to shorten, the need for brighter lighting becomes more apparent. 

However, this survey is only the first step to supplying ample lighting. Public Safety and SGA will be compiling a list of designated areas that are in need of improvement after the review is concluded. 

“We’ll send that on to our Capital Planning, our facilities, so that they can start looking at those areas and see what will be needed to upgrade the lighting,” Sprague said. “They may have to do it strategically because it will probably cost some money, so they will have to plan for that.”

The process is expected to be long-term and will go along with the college’s master planning efforts. If additional lighting can be added immediately, it is possible that it will be done, Sprauge explained. Appropriate funding will be requested accordingly.

“This is a coordinated effort and we very much believe in working with our community to help identify problems and help solve those problems,” Sprague said before explaining that this project may also act in concert with crime prevention efforts.