Peach Pit dives into relationship hardships

Photo courtesy of Celine Panis-Pardo.

Indie rock band Peach Pit made a stunning comeback with their new album “From 2 to 3.” It was released on March 4, and it has been appealing to the masses since the day it dropped.  

Before the album’s release, the band put out three singles accompanying music videos. “Up Granville,” “Vickie” and “Look Out!” capture the sound we have known and gotten accustomed from Peach Pit. While this may have been the case when the songs initially dropped, “From 2 to 3” shows us a more mature side to the band as they share the growing pains of a relationship from start to finish.  

From the moment “Up Granville” opens the album with a melancholy sound and lyrics about when enough is enough in a relationship, the tracklist never dulls. Peach Pit has always been known for their indie-rock sound, yet “From 2 to 3” is gentle and perfect for the cool spring days we anticipate.  

I’ve been a fan of the band since their 2018 album “Being So Normal” and the progression they’ve made over the years is seen in their new release. A majority of the album is spent talking about past lovers and begging the ones we cherish most to stay by our sides, which is found in “Lips Like Yours.” This is one of those devastatingly beautiful songs that makes you wonder what the writer was experiencing while writing the song and shockingly executes heartbreak.  

A majority of the songs on the album focus on love and the aftermath of a breakup, especially the questions that follow. “Pepsi on the House” makes us think of the one that got away and poses the question, “are they still thinking of me?” 

“Give Up Baby Go” painstakingly portrays a man who doesn’t want to be dependent on someone from his past, yet can’t help but fall into old habits. The lyrics aren’t explicitly sad, but as you read into the story being told, the listener can understand the pain of feeling jerked around or not being taken seriously by their lover.   

One of my favorite songs off the album is “Drips on a Wire” because it sounds like one of those hopeful songs you would hear at the end of a movie. As the chorus repeats itself by saying, “Honey, I’ll want you like yesterday. Honey, I’ll want you when tomorrow comes,” the tempo drastically changes as the lyrics get sweeter. 

Another favorite of mine is “2015,” with its sweet, southern sound and jazzy feel. The song is one of those where you can feel the emotion pouring out of the speakers, and the lyrics talk about going back to a happier time when things were easier with the one you love. 

“From 2 to 3” is, without a doubt, an album focused on loving someone who doesn’t love you back. A realization like this is heartbreaking, and Peach Pit sympathizes with someone going through these feelings. The album ends with the title song, showing a heartbroken man who cannot get over Annie, the girl in the story who has left him for someone else. The entire album spoke to me, and with songs such as these, Peach Pit made sure to get their message across: embracing every feeling you have about love.  

Whether you’re going through a break-up or in the happiest moments of the relationship, cherish every second and let yourself feel what you need to feel. “From 2 to 3” may just be one of my favorite albums by the group, and I was thoroughly impressed with how their sound has evolved over the years.  


5/5 stars