Spring weather means blending seasonal closets

Photo courtesy of Celine Panis-Pardo.

Picture this: You wake up and it’s cloudy and 40 degrees outside, so you decide to throw on sweatpants, boots, a sweatshirt and jacket. You’re freezing when you sit down for your three-and-a-half-hour-class. 

When you walk outside after your class ends, it’s in the high 60s and sunny. Now, you’re sweating with all of that clothing on and have no time to change. What do you do?

The best way to dress for the strange weather associated with the transition from winter to spring is to layer up. As the temperature goes up throughout the day, you can peel off outerwear during a quick trip to the bathroom. Ironically, adding layers can help you stay cool during the varying temperatures. 

I find cardigans are the best way to layer your clothes. This one simple piece of clothing is my favorite trick to get all of the clothes in my closet to last all year long. I can wear my favorite tank top 365 days a year by layering a cardigan on top during the colder months.  

My personal favorite way to wear a cardigan is by buying one a few sizes larger than normal so I can utilize the “oversized” look. American Eagle always has some great and affordable options to stay nice and cozy.

As we enter this time of ever-changing temperatures, another way to prepare is to mix your favorite winter and spring staples into some creative outfits. Whether it be a sweater and skirt combo or jeans and a t-shirt, a good way to dress comfortably in this weather is to mix and match. With one season on the bottom – a skirt for spring – and one season on top – a sweater for winter –  you will be able to stay comfortable all day.  

Midi skirts are a great option for people who want a skirt that is versatile. This skirt will hit between midway up your shins and below your knees. It is a perfect piece to wear all year long. 

This may be an obvious choice, but jeans are the best pants option to wear in the winter and the spring. This item of clothing can pair with anything from tank tops to sweaters, not to mention the countless shoe options.

Shoes could possibly be the most important item to consider when the temperatures range from freezing to hot in the span of a few hours. My favorite way to transition from winter to spring is a pair of cute and simple sneakers. These can go with any outfit and keep you prepared for any weather that Mother Nature may throw your way. 

If you want a comfortable pair of shoes to just throw on to run some errands, maybe consider the ever so fashionable socks and sandals combo. Although this may not be the cutest look, it is a good way to keep your feet warm in the morning with socks and then cool later in the day without the socks.

For more ways to spruce up these outfit ideas, add some funky jewelry and accessories to enhance your look. As we transition into spring we see the dark colors of fall and winter fade away and turn into beautiful pastels and bright colors. 

One way to add to your outfits is to invest in some fun spring inspired earrings. My favorite way to do this is to find a small business online that sells handmade earrings and other accessories that are sure to brighten up any outfit. 

Slowly but surely, spring weather is coming to stay. So, put away the puffy coats and bring out the sandals. This is the season to mix and match your wardrobe to create the perfect spring look.