Designer brands inspire at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week (N.Y.F.W.) is the ultimate event every fashion guru wants to attend. N.Y.F.W. 2022 lasted from Sept. 9-14. From small to big designers, there are a variety of styles every designer has to offer throughout the week. Fashion brands from all over the world arrive in New York to debut their latest pieces and outstanding fashion looks that will leave the audience in awe.

The New York Fashion and Music Conference (F.M.C.) is an international and prestigious fashion week show featuring guest musicians and designers. F.M.C. showcases designers’ high fashion pieces and guarantees press coverage. They hit the runway in other cities such as Los Angeles, London and The Hamptons. Their shows are also televised on Amazon Fire TV and Vimeo.

Throughout the entire week, there is a schedule of several shows with designers presenting their work. F.M.C. showcased their fashion show on Thursday, Sept. 8. The fashion show consisted of several guest designers such as Cymone Zackery, House of Sky Designs, Yesdnilco, Shongee, Retro Wave, N-V-Us Fashions, Black Merchants, Diva by Design 9, Bri MacFarland, Joseph Ledesma, N-DEED, AlkeBULAN and KHOMELA.

The fashion show started off with musical guest star Arielle Joy. She opened up the showcase with her singing and the runway was ready for the models to walk and show off upcoming, high-quality designer wear.

The first designer to hit the runway was Zackery. Each model wore designs made by Zackery, which revealed the “Hunting Season” look. All clothing pieces had camouflage as the main theme but styled in pops of color.

The next designer was House of Sky Designs. Models walked the runway with classy and elegant hand knit pieces by Sky. Each design plays with a variety of textures, colors and shapes, which gives it a creative and flattering touch.

Yesdnilco was the following designer and they showed off diverse and inventive streetwear and all things denim. Each custom denim jacket told a story.

Shongee was the next designer and they focused on animal prints, patterns and lots of color. The Shongee brand represents a mix of the African-design with contemporary style. All prints are custom-made, adding a playful approach to the brand.

Designer brand Retro Wave focused on adding words onto the designs to say a message for the collection. Words such as “Manifest” were labeled as a message on the designs. Each design had its own unique approach with different bright colors and patterns.

N-V-Us Fashions showed off high-quality clothing for women of all sizes. The designs varied from elegant clothing pieces to fierce vibrant colors making the collection joyful.

Black Merchants’ collection had beads hanging on the front sides of baseball caps, helping the design pop.

Diva by Design 9 showcased custom designs for men and women. The designs revealed artistic flare and creativity with feathers and sparkles in the best way.

MacFarland revealed colorful, electric pieces. The collection portrayed many fierce looks which distributed bright colors all over the clothes.

Ledesma displayed a collection with many details, such as puffs, feathers, florals and light colors. Models walked down the runway with long, detailed dresses that stood out.

N-DEED designs revealed elegance, yet were edgy in all their clothing. They featured luxury suits but with a stylish approach to it making it edgy and flattering.

The AlkeBULAN collection revealed lots of patterns on the fabric which showcased African culture. The collections provided traditional African prints to design modern wear.

The last designer to walk on the runway was KHOMELA. All clothing pieces unleashed powerful statements when wearing classy style outfits. All dresses had significant details making each dress unforgettable.

Seeing the styles of each designer live was an incredible experience. Having a space for smaller fashion designers to exhibit their creative works is so important, and F.M.C. gave these talented designers the chance to be part of an iconic week.