North Jersey organizes festive fall fun

Are you looking for something to do this fall with your roommates, family, friends or significant other that’s nearby and inexpensive? Then look no further. I have a wide variety of fun fall activities for you!

Fall is one of the best times of the year filled with apple picking, pumpkin picking, outdoor movies, haunted hayrides, corn mazes and many more fun activities. There are countless places in the Mahwah area that will keep you busy throughout autumn and will help you fall in love with the season.

If you like to visit animals, get delicious apple cider donuts or pick out a pumpkin, Abma’s Farm is for you. Abma’s is a local farm in Wyckoff that is open from spring to fall and hosts several different events throughout the year. No matter how old you are, Abma’s Farm has activities for everyone. You can pet animals and walk down to a little country store where they have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, along with their mini apple pies and apple cider donuts, a local favorite.

If you wander outside, you can get yourself a pumpkin that ranges in all shapes and sizes. Oh, and don’t forget about capturing a photo! Abma’s has several wood cutouts so you can remember your special time with your family and friends.

Another popular spot during the fall is the Warwick Drive-In movie theater. Warwick Drive-In is open every night during the fall season but for the time being is only showing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They show every genre from horror to romance to science fiction to comedy. It is an immersive experience that gives you a taste of the 1950s-style drive-in theater charm. This experience is unlike any other movie theater, and it is worth the money and car ride.

If you want something that deals more directly with the fall season, then look no further than Stony Hill Farms, a farm that is open almost all year round but changes its activities and crops according to the season. For fall, Stony Hill offers a giant corn maze, hayrides, pumpkin patch, fall festive food and apple cider.

Whether you want to spend the day or just a few hours, Stony Hill Farms will keep you and your family or friends laughing and having fun all day long. Be prepared to get in the 10-acre corn maze and make sure to take a hayride to enjoy the scenic views of the farm. It’s worth it!

Now, if you are not a huge fan of doing fall activities and simply just want to be outside and enjoy the cool breezy weather, then you should try hiking in the Ramapo Reservation. You can walk there from campus and it’s free. The Ramapo Reservation is generally open every day from sunrise to sunset

While it may not seem so exciting, the Ramapo Reservation is a great opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. There are many trails to hike on, so you can change it up a bit every time you go. It may not be the most thrilling fall activity, but it is breathtaking.

If any of these other places or activities do not interest you, I hope this one will. If you are looking for a Hallmark type of fall activity, look no further than the Great Pumpkin Festival.

This fall festival, located at Heaven Hill Farm, could have come straight off the screen with corn and hay mazes, a hay crawl, beehives, a ball arcade, sweet fall treats, pumpkin picking and many more activities that will help you get your fall fix. The festival runs from Sept. 17 until Nov. 6 so, get there soon and enjoy all they have to offer. The Great Pumpkin Festival is one of my favorites and will hopefully be one of yours too!

Fall is a time for families and friends to spend time together and enjoy the cool weather before the freezing cold winter comes. If you need any activities for the fall season, try some of these places out. Trust me, they are fun experiences that will make you adore fall. Enjoy and have fun!

Photo courtesy of Jenny Uhling, Pexels.