Fashion Club President shares fall style tips

As the weather shifts to colder, crisp days, our wardrobe transitions as well — and for the better! The fall season has officially arrived, and there are many fashion pieces waiting for us.

President and co-founder of Ramapo College’s Fashion Club Olivia Elsaesser shares that saying goodbye to warm weather isn’t always terrible, as long as you’re eager to try on the upcoming fashion trends that were highly-anticipated all summer long. So now, it’s time to give a warm welcome to coats, sweaters, boots and much more this season.

“The current fall fashion trends are lots of neutrals and browns. Layers are so in, as well as lots of leather,” said Elsaesser. She has developed her own series of looks that make her feel complete this fall season.

The common fall fashion taste is wearing warmer tones of colors. This fall season, leather has made an appearance, for a chic and stylish look for any occasion. Stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Aritzia have an amazing collection of fall wear, with all kinds of leather outfit statements. Leather pants and leather jackets are on the rise with a choice of many colors such as brown, black, dark green and orange. You can’t go wrong with the perfect statement piece.

Neutral tones are the best way to dress up for any time of day. Whether it is running errands, going to class or even going for a night out, neutral colors will have you look put together and can be styled with plenty of options. Carrying neutrals in your closet is another great statement piece to always have.

When it comes to shopping for the fall season, the Fashion Club president makes sure to check for high quality items that will last awhile in a closet.

“I do like Abercrombie, American Eagle, Revolve, LuluLemon and Arie. They all tend to have very high quality products,” Elsaesser said.

All the stores follow the current fashion trends, and they are now stocked with plenty of fall and winter-wear for the upcoming season. Fashion for sure repeats itself, and we are seeing a big comeback this fall season with a variety of styles.

“UGGs are on their way back, as well as velvet tracksuits,” said Elsaesser.

UGGs have been gaining popularity again, thanks to TikTok, and their most purchased pair this season is the Classic Mini Platforms. UGGs can be styled with tracksuits, mom jeans, sweatpants and leggings. It’s a convenient pair of boots that will keep you warm and cozy and match almost any type of clothing.

Velvet tracksuits, such as those from the popular early-2000s fashion company Juicy Couture, have made a comeback this season. Consumers are eager to grab velvet tracksuits in several colors. Staying chic and comfortable is essential for a cozy fall.

Fall fashion trends have been easy to navigate this season thanks to social media outlets, such as Instagram and TikTok. Social media allows users to check out what everyone is wearing each season, which inspires many people to follow the latest fashion trend.

“Social media has a huge influence on fashion culture. It makes ideas customized and can create mini fashion subcultures, which is amazing,” Elsaesser said.

At Fashion Club, Elsaesser incorporates open discussions on the current fashion trends as well focusing on sustainability of the items. The 2022 season is bringing back fashion history, so there definitely will be a lot to talk about and new styles to try out.

Make sure to look out for plenty of neutrals and the early 2000s fashion aesthetic on and off campus. Make this fall comfy, cozy and chic, and most importantly, find a style that works best for you.

Photo courtesy of Ron Lach, Pexels