Halloween costume trends take notes from pop culture

With the pandemic curve flattening, people are more likely to trick-or-treat, dress up and attend Halloween celebrations this year. Consumerism and media are on the rise, creating the perfect incentive for people to participate in costume-themed gatherings. As easy as it is for people to choose traditional costumes, like iconic movie monsters, the shows and movies released this year will offer fresh options. Here are a few predictions on who you may see this year on Hallows’ Eve.


Batman, Catwoman and the Riddler

“The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson created a new wave of Batman craze, modernizing the DC character and the world he protects. As a street level hero, his attire consists of bullet-proof armor, gauntlets, combat boots, his iconic cape and his cowl.

Zoë Kravitz brought Catwoman to life, giving us the most grounded and realistic live-action version of the character ever seen on the big screen. Sporting a wool knit mask, a black jacket and leggings, this anti-hero has a knack for bringing a whole new brand to “cat-burglary” and being an iconic model for queer women of color.

Paul Dano’s iteration of the Riddler revamped the character as a live-streaming, anti-corruption hacker who targeted corrupt members of law enforcement. To keep himself anonymous, he used a green ski mask complimented by LEMTOSH prescription glasses, with an overcoat that matched the mask. The preparation for these suits can be home-made using whatever someone may have lying around.


Marvel Characters

Continuing the obsession with pop culture, there were a few Marvel projects released this year that can definitely inspire audiences to pick up some cosplays.

“Moon Knight” had Oscar Isaac sport a lunar-inspired suit inspired by the Egyptian god, Khonshu, as well as a tailored suit to match Marc Spector’s mild-mannered alter-ego, Steven Grant.

“She-Hulk” made a point to explain where superheroes get their costumes from, which tied into the on screen reintroduction of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, who donned a comic-accurate suit that had a “ketchup and mustard” aesthetic to it.


Beloved “Game of Thrones” Characters

“Game of Thrones” may not have ended on the most interesting and compelling season, but that did not stop HBO from producing a prequel series that earned enormous ratings.

“House of the Dragon” star Milly Alcock made her international debut through her portrayal of a younger Rhaenyra Targaryen. An older version of the character is played by Emma D’Arcy. Both actresses animate a princess who sports a royalty red dress and golden cape, cloaked with a silk purple robe. The more casual look for her character shows dragon scale-detailed tops, referencing the Targaryen clothing worn in the series.


Saul Goodman

On the topic of prequel series, the “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul ” followed elder defense lawyer Jimmy McGill as he transformed into the heartless and manipulative Saul Goodman seen in the main series. Throughout the show, Saul’s suits represent his eccentric and conniving nature. From shiny suit jackets to primary colored shirts in cahoots with obvious colored ties, the attorney at law knows how to dress to distract.


The Grabber

“Black Phone” starred Ethan Hawke as a child-kidnapping murderer who disguised himself as magician called The Grabber. His signature mask resembled his demonic intentions, accompanied by optional horns. He was also seen in the movie wearing a top hat and a cape to further solidify the magician charade costume he wore to lure children.


The media has played a significant impact in our decision making when choosing the best Halloween costume theme this year. 2022 has led us to many memorable and favorable pop culture moments and it’s only right to honor them by using it as a costume idea.



Photo courtesy of Richie S, Flickr.