Fashion trends chill and thrill this winter

Frost and crisp weather have finally arrived, just in time to bundle up for the upcoming 2023 winter season. Bundling up does not have to be a bad thing – just make it stylish and you are ready for the season!

With the winter season approaching, staying warm and comfortable is your top priority. From jackets to scarves, you have a variety of options to stay fashionably cozy. Thanks to social media, winter fashion has become the center of attention and you may want to add some trending pieces to your holiday wish list.

One fashion piece worth grabbing off the racks is puffer jackets. Winter fashion is all about staying warm and cozy, and nothing is better than having a puffer jacket to fight the cold air. A puffer jacket can be styled in a variety of ways with many colors, making it versatile, yet tasteful.

A big hit last season that has made its way this winter is jackets from The North Face – particularly their 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket. This jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm, and since it is also water and wind resistant, it’s a perfect way to fight the freezing weather.

The best item to add to your puffer jacket look is a scarf. Scarves are trending for the upcoming winter season, but not just any scarf. Balaclavas are making an appearance for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Its full purpose is to keep you warm. There are balaclavas you may purchase, but you can make them with a regular scarf as well. Balaclavas cover your head and the lower part of your face. Many stores such as Bloomingdales are selling balaclavas, so grab one before it gets too cold!

Not only are balaclavas trending in the scarf department, but so are patterned, oversized scarves. Oversized scarves are the perfect accessory to keep you warm, and it also comes in many styles, colors and patterns. Oversized scarves can be found in almost any clothing store. Free People released their Piper Plaid Recycled Blend Fringe Scarf, and it is the ultimate staple piece for when the weather turns cold – not to mention its recycled blend fabrication.

Now, what’s a winter wardrobe without a stylish pair of boots? Moon Boots have been receiving massive attention lately, making them the ultimate boots for the upcoming winter season. Moon Boots are known for being worn in the snow since they are water resistant and provide comfortable support. Celebrities are embracing the wintery comeback to Moon Boots and sharing it all over social media.

One of the most shocking fashion comebacks to arrive this season is leg warmers. When you think of leg warmers, you instantly think of 80s fashion, and this shows that fashion clearly repeats itself. Leg warmers have come a long way and make great timing for the winter season. Their most popular outfit inspiration is wearing a skirt with a pair of black loafers and knitted leg warmers. Finding knitted leg warmers is not hard to find, and stores or online shopping services such as Amazon sell them at an affordable price.

Embrace the winter season and jump onto the latest fashion trends. Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe – but don’t forget to stay warm!

Photo courtesy of moonboot1969, Wikipedia