Boygenius revives fanbase with “the record” teaser tracks

Indie supergroup Boygenius, consisting of Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus, have made their long-awaited return with the announcement of their new album “the record.” The group released three teaser tracks alongside the announcement, with the album set to release on March 31st. This project marks the band’s first full length LP, and is the first collective songwriting effort under the Boygenuis title since their 2018 self-titled EP.

Each member of the trio is an accomplished solo artist in her own right, with Baker, Bridgers and Dacus each fresh off of wildly successful solo albums. But after the group’s lengthy collaborative hiatus, they seem to be committed to creating a dedicated brand for themselves. The band recently created a website and new social media accounts under the Boygenius name, on top of doing a photo shoot for Rolling Stone where they recreated Nirvana’s famous 1994 cover story for the publication.

Fans know Boygenius for their incredible three-part vocal harmonies and poignant lyrics, which can be found all over the critically lauded 2018 EP. Tracks like “Me and My Dog” and “Souvenir” set a high bar for the group and left fans craving more material. If the upcoming album is anything like the three newly released teaser tracks, we can expect this high standard to be maintained.

The first of the singles, “$20,” features Baker on the lead vocal. The listener is immediately drawn in by the track’s crunchy alt-rock guitar riff and alternating time signatures. The song then progresses into a beautifully haunting cacophony of layered vocals, with Baker belting out the line “I know you have twenty dollars.” The track also features clever and colorful lyrics such as “How long’s the Chevy been on cinder blocks?”

Next is the deeply moving “Emily I’m Sorry,” composed by Bridgers. This song fully delivers on the band’s signature stunning vocal harmonies, which perfectly accompany the emotional potency of the lyrics. The production and instrumentation on this track are very reminiscent of Bridgers’ 2020 album “Punisher,” or perhaps her more recent single “Sidelines.” It’s probable that fans can expect to see distinctive elements from each member’s recent solo projects on the upcoming record.

The final single is Dacus’ “True Blue,” a track which is simple and mellow in its instrumentation and easy for the listener to get lost in. The lyrics on this track, to nobody’s surprise, are powerful and hard-hitting, with lines such as “You already hurt my feelings three times / In the way only you could” and “I can’t hide from you like I hide from myself.”

These singles subvert expectations in every category. The vocals, production and instrumentation are all of the highest quality, and the same can be said about the lyrical and songwriting aspects of these tracks. The three artists continue to display the mastery of their craft with each song, leaving us fans thrilled for the upcoming album and the promising future of the band.


5/5 Stars

Photo courtesy of Andy Witchger, Wikipedia