Maisie Peters embraces soft pop roots with “Body Better”

Pop singer-songwriter Maisie Peters barely let the clock strike midnight on New Year’s Day before moving into her next musical era.

She began teasing her new single “Body Better” on social media on Jan. 1 and slowly rolled out the song with an announcement and teasers in the weeks leading up to the release on Jan. 27. Marketed as the lead single from her yet-to-be-announced second album, “Body Better” marks a special moment in Peters’ career, and with that comes a revamped sound paired with her classic lyricism.

Peters’ popularity has grown considerably over the past year, which can be attributed to viral songs on TikTok, touring with Ed Sheeran and shoutouts from Taylor Swift. Three of the songs she released in 2022, “Cate’s Brother,” “Blonde” and “Not Another Rockstar,” saw her stepping out of her comfort zone musically and trying on an edgy pop-rock sound. These songs were nothing but well-received, but, with “Body Better,” it’s nice to see Peters returning to the softer pop sound that works so well for her.

“Body Better” offers a biting vulnerability that is reminiscent of her 2021 debut album, “You Signed Up For This.” However, there is a new layer of maturity that is best conveyed through the production on this track. Beneath the upbeat sound, layers of deep strings, percussion and synths add a haunting quality to it. When paired with the lyrics, the vibe of this song certainly matches the overcast sky shown on the single’s cover art.

In this song, Peters sings about the heartbreak, anger and insecurity that come from watching an ex-partner find happiness with someone else. She offers the listener stinging lines, such as “Was I just an idea you like? / A convenient use of time / With obedient blue eyes” in the second verse, which is exactly what fans have come to expect from Peters.

The most interesting part of the song is by far the bridge. This is typical of a Maisie Peters song, since she has consistently expressed her inspiration from and admiration for Taylor Swift, who is known for her well-written bridges. The use of vocal modulation and the layers of harmonies creates a unique sound that stands out and allows tension to build in a way that is unlike any other part of the song.

Peters teased on her Instagram Stories leading up to the song’s release that she has filmed the music video for “Body Better,” which fans eagerly await. There is still no word about when her second album will be released, but regardless, Peters has a busy year ahead of her as she embarks on tours in Oceania, Asia and Europe through the winter and spring months of 2023. There’s no telling what other surprises Peters has up her sleeve for this year, but her second album is already off to a great start.


5/5 stars

Photo courtesy of Kirk Stauffer, Flickr