Galentine’s day hypes platonic love

Valentine’s Day is oftentimes spent worrying over the immense pressure the holiday brings. Anxiety pours over what to wear, what to do and how to make the so-called romantic night perfect. Those left single are spent brooding over the love-infested holiday and scoffing at the cringey couples, plush bears and chocolate boxes.

Galentine’s Day offers a stress-free, fun alternative that celebrates a different type of love – friendship! Created and popularized from the famous comedy show “Parks and Recreation,” Leslie Knope, the show’s protagonist, coined “Galentine’s Day” as the Feb. 13 for “ladies to celebrate ladies.”

It is the time to have fun with friends and feel the vibes of Valentine’s Day, but without the loneliness that the holiday can bring. It can be compared to “Friendsgiving,” the Thanksgiving alternative for when people do not, or cannot, celebrate the day with family. Despite the name, this holiday is not just for the gals. Anyone, regardless of gender identity, can celebrate the day!

Since the episode’s release in 2010, it became instantly popular. Many companies have jumped onto the trend and started to produce merchandise to celebrate the new holiday. Restaurants have also added special offers and discounts for themed brunches. A great place to get Galentine’s themed goods is Etsy, where you can get personalized party invitations, candles, hair scrunchies and more.

You and your friends can cook a brunch to share, or go out to eat if no one possesses culinary skills. Photo courtesy of Sheelah Brennan, Unsplash.

There is no right way to spend Galentine’s Day, which allows unlimited ideas and opportunities to choose from. Many prefer to spend it how Leslie Knope does in “Parks and Recreation” — with a waffle and cocktail brunch. Others make it a spa day and get their nails, hair and skincare done. However, as there is no brunch place or spa here at Ramapo, here are some fun ideas to celebrate Galentine’s Day Roadrunner style.

One way is to get together with some of your best friends in your dorm. You can get all dressed up with fancy clothes, makeup and styled hair or decide to rock cozy pajamas. Putting on a playlist with all of your favorite artists is a great way to set the mood for this holiday.

If you choose to decorate, Party Fair, the party store that is a Ramapo shuttle bus away, has a plethora of Valentine’s Day decor. You could also opt to make your own decorations by cutting out heart shapes from paper and stringing them to make a garland.

If you live in a dorm with a kitchen, make a nice meal together! Having a homemade candlelight dinner with your best friends is a great way to kick the norms of Valentine’s Day to the side. If not, some microwavable ramen indeed suits the mood for a college Galentine’s Day celebration.

Platonic love is equally as meaningful as romantic love. Photo courtesy of Levi Guzman, Unsplash.

If there is no time to spend the holiday in the evening, even a simple Dunkin or Common Grounds date with friends is a great way to have fun!

Watching a movie together is another fun way to spend the holiday. Some movie recommendations that will bring you all together are “Girls Trip,” “Clueless,” “Pitch Perfect” and “Mean Girls.” With a movie playing in the background, my friends and I plan to decorate cookie houses in our decked-out dorm.

At the end of the day, Galentine’s Day is a silly time to have fun with your friends. It reminds us to commemorate being friends, appreciate each other and keep those important to us close. The friends we make at college can last a lifetime, so why not spend a day celebrating it?

Featured photo courtesy of KoolShooters, Pexels.