Emma Chamberlain fans flock to ‘Anything Goes’

Almost anything Emma Chamberlain gives her candid thoughts on is always chased and devoured by her fans. The beloved 21-year-old internet star, who first gained YouTube popularity in 2017, releases weekly episodes to her podcast “Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain.” Each episode is dedicated to conversational topics that are on her mind for the week, and she finds comfort in sharing it with her audience – and I’m here for it all.

The newest episode titled “past, present, future” — which was released on Feb. 9 — focused on healthy and unhealthy perceptions of time periods. Each individual is bound to dwell on their past, present and future at some point, and it’s completely normal. However, unhealthy relationships with your mindset form when you become obsessed with a certain time period, which Chamberlain addressed in the 48-minute episode.

One unhealthy obsession of the past Chamberlain spoke about is thinking about the ‘“what ifs.” Chamberlain stated the ease of reflecting on one’s past can become an unhealthy view of their relationship with the past and present lives.

“If I were to do this, or if I were to have done that… then I would be further in my career,” Chamberlain put into perspective a scenario of unhealthy thinking behavior.

Dwelling over the “what ifs” is a guilty behavior to have, and Chamberlain brought up the idea that no one can change the past, and obsessing over “what could have been” gets you nowhere. As Chamberlain chatted about the topic of the past, you automatically felt an instant comfort, as if you were talking to an older sister.

Although Chamberlain goes on a tangent on the unhealthy relationships with the past, there are also healthy relationships with staying in the present.

“Being as present as you possibly can… and enjoying the present moment is so hard, but so valuable,” Chamberlain said.

Staying in the present moment is where memories are made, according to the internet star, and she shares how enjoyable it is when staying in the present. Little random moments come out of nowhere throughout the day, and it adds excitement and thrill to our everyday lives.

A statement that Chamberlain makes in her podcast that touches the heart of her audience is the idea that nobody knows if they’ll have a tomorrow. The future is promising, but nobody knows for sure. Therefore, maintaining a healthy balance of thinking about one’s future but also staying in the present moment as much as one can is vital.

The podcast touches upon what society faces in reality, and listeners get to hear Chamberlain in her most authentic, vulnerable self, which is a plus. The beloved host aims to impress no one and communicates with her audience in a genuine way, allowing people to relate and take her words of wisdom into their lives – I know I have.

“Being as present as you possibly can… and enjoying the present moment is so hard, but so valuable”

– Emma Chamberlain

“Anything Goes” has been produced by Ramble, a division of Audacy’s Cadence13. The podcast streamed a generous deal with Spotify, where it will be the new home for the highly popular podcast, starting Feb. 23.

From the comfort of her bed, Chamberlain tunes in each week with an episode that she hopes will resonate with her fans – and succeeds. If you’re looking for a relatable, yet comforting podcast about society standards, philosophy and advice, I encourage you to sit back and check it out!


5/5 Stars



Featured image courtesy of Chamberlain Pod, Audacy.com