Rihanna steals the show at Super Bowl Halftime

Contrary to popular opinion, the Super Bowl is not just about football, but also about the always-anticipated halftime show. This year, we were gifted with a performance from musical icon Rihanna.

The singer has not performed live in over five years, due to other responsibilities in life, like her popular makeup brand Fenty Beauty and her son born in May 2022.

Fans were thrilled to see their favorite singer perform live again after so long. Photo courtesy of @AppleMusic, Twitter.

Given her long hiatus from performing, fans were ecstatic about the news of her halftime show — and she definitely did not disappoint. She opened with the iconic tune “Bitch Better Have My Money,” while floating above the crowd on a rectangular platform.

Dancers in puffy white jackets and pants danced around her, while Rihanna stood out in a gorgeous tight red outfit, which also revealed that she is pregnant with her and her long-term boyfriend, A$AP Rocky’s, second child.

Next, she sang her 2011 hit “Where Have U Been,” a great song to pump up the crowd. During parts of the song where she was not singing, she danced along with her backup dancers.

“Only Girl (In the World)” was up next, and her vocals were immaculate. She truly has such an incredible stage presence and voice. She then transitioned into “We Found Love,” another classic from the 2010s.

In between songs, she was even seen fixing her makeup with her own Fenty Beauty fixing powder, an excellent advertisement for the brand but also such an iconic move.

“Rude Boy” was up next, one song that I was definitely hoping to hear from here. It was short though, as she then went right into “Work.” Fans were hoping Drake would make an appearance during this song, but they were let down when she went into “Wild Thoughts” and there was no sight of him.

She then went on to sing songs “Pour It Up,” “All of the Lights,” “Run This Town,” “Umbrella” and ended with “Diamonds.”

Her red outfit turned into a large cape that engulfed her figure during “Diamonds,” and she was by herself, as all her backup dancers left the field. That is a total of 12 songs in only 13 minutes, showing her range as an artist and proving an impressive feat given that she’s pregnant.

The performance was absolutely fantastic, but I do wish we heard more of her memorable songs, like “Disturbia” and “Don’t Stop The Music.”

But this was so much more than a performance — it was a message to all the women watching. Announcing her pregnancy on stage during the comeback of a lifetime shows not only that you can do amazing things even after needing a break, but that women can still have children and successful careers — something that a lot of people, unfortunately, do not believe in. 

This truly was a magnificent comeback, and I honestly cannot stop rewatching the performance. Those watching at home probably got a better view of the performance because fans sitting on the sides of the stadium were almost completely blocked from view due to the rectangular platforms.

Honestly though, just hearing Rihanna live is a gift in itself. I am so jealous of everyone who got to witness this show in person, and I hope she begins performing live again soon.



Featured photo courtesy of @AppleMusic, Twitter