Fashion scene set to blossom this spring

With the season of spring just around the corner, predicting the upcoming fashion trends is on our style agenda right now. Looking for a next-level upgrade to your style this year? Check out these fashion predictions that will get you ready to embrace your own trendy, personal runaway.


A denim maxi skirt can become a closet staple if one is willing to experiment. Photo courtesy of @DungareesOnline, Twitter

Denim Maxi Skirt

Move along miniskirts – denim maxi skirts are coming in hot this year! Although maxi skirts have been in trend for a while now, such as the satin maxi skirts seen everywhere last year, I would have never anticipated to see denim maxi skirts back in fashion.

The return of denim maxi skirts are giving fashionistas flashbacks to the early 2000s. It is time to reacknowledge fashion icons like Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears. The skirts are predicted to be at the forefront of the “It Girl” style wave set to flood the streets this spring and summer. I am welcoming denim with open arms.



An unexpected, yet pleasant surprise to make its way into 2023 is “balletcore.” The balletcore trend embraces the ethereal aesthetic of the ballet world while carrying elegance. The trending style took off thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok, where fashion and beauty enthusiasts have shown multiple ways on how to layer up with ballerina-inspired attire.

Leg warmers, ballet flats, bodysuits, flared leggings, tulle skirts and wrap cardigans have certainly transformed the ballerina vision into an everyday style, and I am living for it all. To complete the ballerina appeal, hair ties with a simple pink bow have made its way back into a trend. Balletcore creates a minimal, yet tasteful appeal that will leave you with easy comfort.


Low-Rise Waists

If you haven’t already guessed it, fashion repeats itself. Another late 90s and early 2000s trend making its way back into 2023 is low-rise waists. From jeans to cargo pants and even skirts, low-rise is coming back into the good graces of the stylish public.

For people like myself, our beloved high-waisted bottoms are on hold for the upcoming season. Low-rise waists are the perfect article to wear for a simple, yet appealing streetwear look. Pair it with any basic shirt and a pair of sneakers, and your outfit is complete.


This shade of green can make any outfit pop. Photo courtesy of Bottega Veneta

“Bottega Green”

Green – the beloved color for the past year – is once again defining this year’s fashion trends. Your statement pieces don’t always have to be a particular design when you have a pop-up color to represent your style. “Bottega green” is a parakeet green and is recognized as vibrant and an affluent taste.

The color has been favorable in the fashion world for over a year already, but it has not left consumers’ field of view just yet. The color can take any clothing item to the next level. You can show off the hue with a variety of pants, sweaters and jackets. Try a few accessories like mini purses in “Bottega Green” to make your outfit pop. Fashionistas are keeping green alive this season, so be prepared to look out for 2023’s biggest color statement.

As we transition into the month of March, we countdown the days until the first official day of spring – and 60-degree days of course. The upcoming spring fashion trends have caught our attention, and now it’s time to break out of winter hibernation and give our wardrobe a next-level upgrade.

Featured photo by Daiga Ellaby, Unsplash