Second season of TV adaptation takes Leigh Bardugo’s series to new heights

Leigh Bardugo’s whimsical fantasy book series “Shadow and Bone” and “Six of Crows” was adapted for TV, and the second season has arrived. Bardugo is now known across mediums in the fantasy genre for her amazing series. From her likable realistic characters to breathtaking worldbuilding and chaotic adventures, she keeps drawing you in for more.

Following the success of the first season of her book adaptation show, Bardugo got renewed for a new season that definitely elevated the risks and drifted into a new storyline. This second season mimicked the same found-family love, and the race to end the war between good and evil, but that is where the similarities end with the first season. Writers wrote this season less based on the book and focused more on a different storyline that will take the characters into different challenges that will change the course of their lives.

As an avid reader of the “Shadow and Bone” and “Six of Crows” books, season two is not what I was expecting. While the first season of the show drifted from the book on a few minor points, this season felt as if it did not even represent the book. This season felt like fanfiction that disregarded how the first season followed the books.

I loved watching the different characters this season come together to defeat the evil in the show.

This season picks right back up after the first season of “Shadow and Bone” where the Darkling and Alina went into the fold and both were considered dead and lost. Alina luckily gets out of the fold, makes new friends and goes on the hunt for the second amplifier to take down the fold and once and for all defeat the Darkling.

Alongside the story of Alina, the story of the crows also picks up from where it left off. Kaz Brekker, leader of the crows, must take his businesses after assisting Alina escape from the Darkling. Kaz also is dealt another hand in assisting Alina with a heist for an item that will help with her journey of defeating the Darkling and tearing down the fold. Kaz and the crows will have their allegiance be questioned and have their lives at stake, but as the saying goes, “No mourners, no funerals.”

The first season gave readers a comforting hug by bringing in strong plot lines and quotes from the book series and few differences. However, this season did not follow all the plot lines and only had a few quotes that readers wanted to see. With the number of differences this season between the show and the book, it makes me separate the two and focus more on the content of the show rather than the adaptation of the book.

I loved watching the different characters this season come together to defeat the evil in the show. The action and fighting scenes were amazing and kept me hooked despite the discrepancies from the books.

However, this show is not perfect, and it had a few things that made it lose a star. Inconsistent acting, a sad excuse for a plot point and an atmosphere of fanfiction, this adaptation definitely could have been executed better.

If you watched the first season or if you are looking for a new fantasy show, this TV series is for you. After watching it, it will have you reading the books and falling in love with the unique and comforting characters.


4/5 Stars 

Featured photo courtesy of @shadowandbone_, Twitter