‘Things We Hide From the Light’ romanticizes small towns

New York Times bestselling romance author, Lucy Score, released the second book in her “Knockemout” series. Score is well known in the romance world with big-hearted male characters that seem tough and mean to other people who turn into protective softies to those they love. Whether it be with her small-town romance novels to even her other spicy romances, her stories will have you swooning.

Score is not easily embarrassed by her own writing, with the tagline on her website proclaiming “Lucy Score is writing romance so steamy her family can’t look her in the eye!” Photo courtesy of @scorelucy, Instagram

Following her success on TikTok and Instagram with her first book and other series, Score produced another novel that delved more into the “Knockemout” setting that gave her romance readers another chance to live inside the pages. Score’s new book, “Things We Hide From the Light,” mimics the same feeling of a found family and love, similar to her first novel, that brings the story to life.

As a lover and avid reader of Score’s books, this book for me was a must read. Her writing style in her novels cannot compare to other authors and her characters are so comforting it makes you want to go to that town and live there. With her easy to-read style and familiar tropes, she makes you feel as if you are taking part in the story and living through the events alongside your characters.

This book starts out with one of the two main characters, Nash. After being shot in the shoulder twice while dealing with the kidnapping of his brother’s fiancée and niece, Nash acts like he is fine. He is going around helping other people, when in reality the one person who he needs to help is himself. With the person who shot him still out there, Nash begins to decline in his job and people in town are starting to notice that the gentleman cop is starting to get closer to cracking rather than getting better.

However, life in the small town gets a lot more interesting when a friend of Nash’s brother, Angelina — Lina to her friends — comes strolling into town. Lina works in “insurance” and refuses to disclose her reason for coming. She believes that her trip will be one and done, but with the gentleman cop next door and friends that make her feel like she belongs, her visit might be longer than she expected.

Lina and Nash’s romance seems to get off on the wrong foot when the two must help each other in a ditch on the side of the road helping a dog stuck in a pipe. The two are caught in a compromising position that leads the town to believe something is going on between the two. Living in a small town can cause rumors to spread quickly and with these two you never know what to expect. What started out as a mere flirty friendship leads into sleepover nights and friends warning each other about the damage the two of them could do to each other. Will this love affair end in happy endings or will it take a dark turn? Life in a small town is not all that it seems and it’s about to get a lot more interesting.

Whether it be with her small-town romance novels to even her other spicy romances, her stories will have you swooning.

Much like her other book, Score writes from her heart and shows that love happens in mysterious ways and is able to bring those together that need it the most. Her novel has a slow pace that still has action and suspense that will have you reading till the end.

Throughout the book, I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen and see if Nash would be able to get out his gloomy mood and start living life again. Score’s found family trope, romantic and action-packed world keeps you on your toes throughout the whole book.

If you read the first novel or if you are looking for a spicy small town romance novel, this book is for you. After reading it, it will make you want to go to a small town and live out your own romance with a kindhearted small-town man. This novel brings mystery, a strong female character and swooning love that in the end makes up a great story.


5/5 Stars



Featured image courtesy of Lucy Score, Facebook