Mother-daughter duo preach self-love on ‘Emergency Call’

A bond between a mother and a daughter is like no other — especially for the Pulitanos. “Emergency Call,” a podcast hosted by American Youtube star Amanda Pulitano and her beloved mother Michelle Pulitano, showcases the life line, best friend, mother-daughter relationship everyone desires. 

Released every Thursday, each 48-50 minute episode begins with the duo’s weekly highlights and rolls into the specific topic of the week.

The latest episode of “Emergency Call,” released on April 7, speaks on body image in your 20s versus your 40s. The episode dives deep into the idea of self consciousness and how toxic comments from others can affect oneself physically and mentally, no matter what age. 

“Something I have really tried to do in the past few years is knowing that I can appreciate someone else’s beauty without questioning my own,” Amanda said. “Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful.” 

Fans love the podcast’s warm, casual atmosphere. Image courtesy of Audioboom

Self-reflection is discussed in the episode where the duo speaks on their experiences with body image in their lives. With many highs and lows, body image is a prevalent topic that needs to be discussed since many people deal with similar challenges. 

The hosts also discuss when they first experienced being self conscious of their bodies and how one comment on one’s physical appearance can lead you down a horrific rabbit hole, which can uprise insecurities. 

“I remember thinking to myself, like, why is this so important? Why are we sitting here comparing stomachs,” Michelle said, recalling how her friends would compare body types during their youth. 

Judgmental comments — especially from your loved ones — are never easy, and the body you have is the body you should embrace. It’s easier said than done, according to the hosts, but listening to toxic comments will get you nowhere. It’s relieving to hear the hosts openly have the conversation on the negative effects of body image. 

Along with toxic comments, social media has made a footprint in society today — and it has impacted body image issues too. Scrolling through Instagram and comparing yourself to others has led to self conscious issues, compared to pre-social media time. Michelle speaks on how she was never self conscious about her body at a young age, but now it has changed.  

“Something I have really tried to do in the past few years is knowing that I can appreciate someone else’s beauty without questioning my own”

Amanda Pulitano

Amanda opens up her experience with body image, and the challenges that come along with it. In her teen years, she remembers times when she would photoshop pictures to create the illusion of the perfect body type in her eyes. It wasn’t just her though, and many people her age would do the same thing, which is misleading and social media is at fault. 

It is admirable how Amanda opens up such a vulnerable topic with her fanbase, and treats them like she is their big sister. 

The podcast is still relatively new since they released their first episode on Feb. 23, but it is already packed with six upstanding episodes, with topics ranging from mental health, to self sabotaging, to losing loved ones and family dynamics, to even the idea of dating. 

“Emergency Call” is infused with vital topics our generation needs to hear. The podcast touches base on reality, advice and honest point of views that can help listeners guide their own way in life. 

Tune in each week and appreciate the content the mother-daughter duo release. “Emergency Call” is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, CastBox, JioSaavn, Listen Notes, Player FM, Podcast Addicts and Podchaser. If you like visuals, like myself, the duo has released a YouTube version, where the hosts are comfortably chatting on the couch, discussing topics you all want to listen to.


5/5 Stars

Featured photo courtesy of @emergencycallpod, Instagram