Flock to South Jersey this summer

Summer is approaching, which means the weather is growing nicer and the stresses of school can be put to rest. As the sun blazes overhead, there’s no better way to spend the time than stopping by the shore. More specifically, the boardwalks.

The first boardwalk to discuss is in Wildwood. With Morey’s Piers and multiple water parks, Wildwood is the perfect spot to cultivate the adrenaline rush pounding in your chest.

There are three amusement park piers: Surfside, Mariner’s and Adventure Pier. Surfside is my personal favorite as a fan of the thrilling attraction “It.” This ride involves a giant pendulum-like circle of seats that spins as it is swung back and forth, reaching up to 65 feet in the air.

Mariner’s Pier has more rides for children, aside from the wild roller coaster “Sea Serpent.” This roller coaster begins with the carts pulling backwards up a tall track, slowly, slowly, slowly until it suddenly rushes forward through a collection of loops. Then, you go through the whole thing again, but backwards.

Finally, there is Adventure Pier. This area includes attractions such as “Skycoaster” and “Springshot.” However, the most interesting ride is “The Great White.” This roller coaster is made entirely out of wood and the second drop you face is 105 feet steep, bringing you to a speed faster than 50 mph.

If you aren’t a fan of rides, Wildwood can still be a good option as it possesses many other interesting features. On the boardwalk, you can also stop by Seaport Aquarium to look at the fish and monkeys (yes, monkeys) or a zombie paintball stand. There are also plenty of carnival-like games and arcades.

However, that is not the only boardwalk worth some attention. If you want some innocent, family-friendly fun, stop by the Ocean City boardwalk.

Thrillseekers will be more than satisfied by the array of boardwalk attractions in South Jersey. Photo courtesy of Min An, Pexels

If you want to go to this boardwalk, but you don’t want to sacrifice the fun of thrilling rides, that’s okay! This boardwalk includes two separate amusement piers: Wonderland and Castaway Cove. I personally love Castaway Cove, as despite its small size it is still packed with multiple fun rides. My favorite is the “Double Shot.” You sit in one of the seats and scream as it shoots you up into the sky. The view from this ride is beautiful, especially if you are seated facing the beach.

There are plenty of other things to do aside from rides that will fill the day with fun. Ocean City has multiple mini golf places along the boardwalk in various themes including haunted golf, blacklight golf and the popular Congo Falls golf with three different paths you can follow.

Aside from golf, there are a variety of interesting stores. One of my favorites to stop by is the Surf Mall. There are a variety of small shops that sell clothes, jewelry, posters, toys and various other random things. The walls and ceilings are lined with posters, and the toys section has a wall of Pop figures for every collector. Plus, at the very back, there is a blacklight room with blacklight posters and a fortune teller.

On top of the stores, the food you can find is diverse, and every summer there is more to choose from. One of my favorites is Crunchik’n, famously known for its Korean fried chicken. While I love the chicken, I highly recommend trying their Korean-style corn dogs. Every time I go, I get a corn dog with cheese topped with ketchup and sugar!

Even stepping away from the boardwalks and exploring both Wildwood and Ocean City can be fun. Both have interesting stores and restaurants to visit. Plus, there is the obvious option of going to the beach. However, I’d recommend going to the Wildwood beach as it has more room. The Ocean City beach can become cramped with just how many people really want to experience it.

I am from South Jersey myself so you really should take my word for it. If I am telling you it’s a lot of fun and I live by it all year round, then surely you’ll have fun too. I look forward to potentially seeing some familiar faces around. Have a wonderful summer!



Featured photo courtesy of Dough4872, Wikipedia