‘The Nightshade Crown’ reigns over the romance genre

Newly established Book Instagram and Goodreads author, Hannah Whitten released her third book overall and first book in her new series “The Nightshade Crown.” Whitten is a somewhat new author with only two other books out, but her books are well known in the fantasy book world. From her original young adult duology to her epic fantasy romance she is giving her following more to read and love. 

As an avid reader of fantasy novels and complex worldbuilding, Whitten’s new book titled “The Foxglove King,” was a must read. Her relatable characters, plot driven storyline, court politics and unlikely friendships will have you jumping into the story to live alongside the characters. With her fun easy to read writing style and perfectly written plot, she makes you wish you were a part of the story. 

Whitten writes from her heart and provides a comforting yet masterful fantasy world that will have you questioning everything you are reading.

This book is a third-person point of view story that follows the main character Lore. Lore takes you on a journey through friendship, betrayal, treason and blindsides that will have you reading all the way to the end to find out what happens.  

Lore grew up knowing that she was far from normal. She knew she had a set of unnatural abilities that would either get her killed or used as an object by a higher power. Lore’s life beside her power was pretty normal, at least as much as you can when you are working as a spy for your adoptive mothers. One day, an operation that she has completed over 50 times goes wrong. Lore is forced to show her powers to the public to save her partner and has now put herself in the position of being captured and used for the greater powers in their society. 

In order to spare her life, Lore complies with the High Priest to live in the court and play a role that keeps her true identity hidden in order to carry out her task of getting close to the prince. Along the way she is faced with new information that forces her to help those that are dying in the villages even though it is not her original task. Lore must team up with the very person that pushed her into this mess in order to help the villages and find out what the prince is up to. Will she be able to hide her true identity and fool the prince or will she manage to create a friendship that will threaten the whole operation? 

Whitten writes from her heart and provides a comforting yet masterful fantasy world that will have you questioning everything you are reading. Her story is unlike any other epic fantasy novel for having a slow burn hidden love triangle that sits back to the whimsical plot that is ineffable. 

Throughout the book, I was falling in love with Lore and her firey attitude that has her stick up for herself through all the complicated situations she deals with. Whitten’s unusual world structure, court politics and storyline will have you anxiously reading all the way to the end. This book has a few points from other popular fantasy novels that make it more enjoyable and eases you into the new concept behind this particular book. 

If you are looking for a hidden love triangle, forced proximity friendship and dueling court politics, then give this book a try! This novel brings the dark academia, plot driven world that will make you want to live in your own fantasy world and escape from reality. 


5/5 Stars



Featured photo courtesy of @orbitbooks, Twitter