Beans Cat Cafe is the purrfect coffee spot

If you are a cat lover in search of an affordable and well-maintained cat cafe, look no further than Beans Cat Cafe. This charming hidden gem is located less than 40 minutes from campus on Main Street in Beacon, New York.

Upon entering, you’re greeted by a wall of feline-themed merchandise including keychains, bags and stickers, all adorned with the cafe’s logo. Approach the counter and you’ll find a rotating drink selection that changes every month. Some options are based on the season and have cat-themed puns. For example, the April drink selections include “Mew-Tella” hot chocolate and mango passion iced tea. There is also a small selection of homemade pastries, all of which can be taken into the room while you play with the cats. 

Reservations are recommended and they operate at a guest capacity of eight. Pricing starts at $7 for a half-hour and $12.50 per hour. Once you pay, you are led into a separate room with a table to put your drinks and some chairs to sit on. After reviewing the rules and washing your hands, you can choose to interact with the cats, watch them as you enjoy your food or have the employees tell you about each one’s temperament. 

The cats are all adoptable and range in age from kittens to seniors. The staff is polite, but adamant that you only play with cats who want the attention. Under no circumstances can you pick the cats up. Prioritizing the cats’ comfort makes them more likely to be friendly even when multiple people are there.

There are toys that you can use to play with the cats, as well as big cat trees where many of them like to lounge around and be pet. If you feel like feeding the cats, there is a small gumball machine filled with tiny treats that you can get for a quarter to spoil the cats while you’re there. 

As soon as you walk up to the cafe, you’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling. Photo courtesy of @beanscatcat, Instagram

Their website is constantly updating their list of cats and adding a small description about each, including their medical histories, to give potential adopters a chance to pick and choose which cat they may want to visit.

The cafe works with the Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary (HVARS) to help foster their cats and match them with potential owners. Applications can be filled out online and HVARS will contact you with follow-up questions and approval statuses. If you do not want to adopt a cat, but still wish to support their efforts, Beans Cat Cafe is always accepting donations of food along with supplies on an Amazon Wish List

The cafe makes adopting a cat a simple and rewarding process. Photo courtesy of @beanscatcafe, Instagram

Recently, my boyfriend and I visited to relax and play with some cats. They have constantly-rotating kittens who adopt out quickly, but are nonetheless great candidates for play time. We met a 6-month-old kitten named Junior who we instantly fell in love with his playfulness and naturally cuddly nature over the course of our session. We loved him so much that we ended up putting in an adoption application and were approved to pick him up the next week. 

Beans Cat Cafe does an excellent job at ensuring that any cat you adopt is in good hands and they provide tons of information on how to transition your new furry friend to a new home.

Their welcoming atmosphere, paired with delicious drinks and adorable cats, makes for a must-go for anyone who is in the area from Wednesday to Sunday. Take a break from everyday stressors and stop in to relax and enjoy the company of lovable cats, and before you know it, you might just find your next four-legged best friend. For more information, check out their website at


5/5 Stars

Featured photo courtesy of Beans Cat Cafe, Facebook