New York Fashion Week featured fun and stylish collections

Last week, one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world happened: New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Many designers were featured, including Bishme Cromartie, Ruby Fang, Prabal Gurung, Melke and many more. Here is an overview of some of the runways and designs:


Ruby Fang September 2023 Collection

Kicking off my review is Ruby Fang’s 2023 collection. If you’re scared of birds, you’ll definitely dislike this collection. Feathers are the main theme and you’ll mainly see two colors in the collection, white and blue. There was definitely a missed opportunity to have a sort of “Black Swan” theme, à la Swan Lake, by having the two main colors being black and white. Although there’s missed potential in the theme of the runway, the designs nonetheless are elegant and complement each model. Also, even though the theme is pretty simple, the looks don’t become boring, since each design is different enough to have certain things stand out over others.



Prabal Gurung September 2023 Collection

Gurung’s designs all have a signature piece: the attention-grabbing circular gold earrings. Although, I feel that not all the designs work with the earrings, which are in EVERY design in this collection. Maybe that’s the point, having the earrings featured in every design regardless of what the design is, but I still feel like the looks could be more cohesive.



Bishme Cromartie September 2023 Collection

Cromartie blurs the lines between casual streetwear that you might see in a night club and a more elegant side you might see in a banquet. I honestly like this idea that takes two extremes and meshes them together to make a unique fusion. I do, however, think there should have been some more eccentric designs, maybe like a really flowy gown with a casual top, or even a denim gown. Which, it probably wouldn’t have look good, but I would have enjoyed the attempt at doing something weirder.



Melke September 2023 Collection

This collection plays with color a lot; from the vast, vibrant shades found in the different designs to the mismatched, almost neon lipstick colors on the models. There are also flower and star motifs found within the looks that link them together even if they use different color palettes. Some of the looks feel like summer, like one dress that kind of reminds me of a pineapple, but there are also sweaters found throughout the collection.



Raisa Vanessa Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

If Melke’s collection dipped its toes into summer, Raisa Vanessa’s swims in it. From light, neutral colors, to flower motifs and flowy tops and dresses, the collection screams summer. It also helps that the runway is in a beautiful garden like the end of spring going into summer. Plus, the runway is being serenaded by a singer singing in Turkish, the mother tongue of the twin designers Raisa and Vanessa Sasson.



Pamella Roland September 2023 Collection

If you love elegance, you’ll love this collection! All the designs in Pamela Roland’s collection could be easily worn at a red carpet event, or an elegant wedding for some celebrity. My point is that Roland’s collection is for the gown lovers, so if you prefer more casual runway looks, then you probably won’t like this collection, but if you love designs that look like they were ripped right from a Disney princess movie, then you’ve found your collection.



ADEAM September 2023

Tulle and ribbons are the name of the game for this collection. You’ll find at least one piece of tulle on or ribbon wrapped around any of the designs in this collection. There is an underlying ballet theme within this collection and my theory is helped by the fact that there is a nearly two minute ballet performance at the end of the show which ties it together. I guess I got my “Black Swan” theme in the end, huh? 


There were so many great designs at 2023 NYFW that captured grace, fun and the changing seasons. Maybe we will see some new trends rise from these collections.

Featured photo courtesy of @Vougemagazine, X