‘Adventure Time’ spin-off takes the cake

“Fionna and Cake” is a spinoff of “Adventure Time” by Pendleton Ward. Ward decided to create an amazing show based off of his genderbent characters Finn and Jake. 

The show follows a talking cat, Cake, and a girl named Fionna who was born from the mind of Ice King. Fionna has recently been fired from her job and can’t find the money to take a sick Cake to the vet. Whilst taking care of her, Cake jumps into an ice cream cart in the city to cool off her fever, and dives into another dimension.

The quality of animation has improved — the visuals are smoother and easier on the eyes — but the art still captures the same magic as before.

In my opinion, one of the most compelling main characters is not named in the title. Simon Petrikov, mostly known as Ice King on “Adventure Time,” spends most of his screen time struggling to decide which identity will bring him fulfillment. Voice actor Tom Kenny excels at showing Petrikov’s anguish over wanting to be Ice King again but not wanting to lose his mind over the amount of power in the role.

Fionna and Cake were characters in a comic that Ice King had created out of his madness. Without the crown deeming Simon as Ice King, there is no Fionna and Cake. The show itself explores this idea and continues the finale of the original TV show, which adds to the nostalgia that the show presents. This constant back-and-forth that Simon grapples with seems almost relatable to a lot of the show’s now-adult viewers who first engaged with the franchise as children.

I’m a huge fan of Ward’s work like “Adventure Time” and “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack,” and the first thing I always notice is how bright the animation is. The Land of Ooo always has a distinct look to it, whether it be the rolling hills or the iconic treehouse, and this sequel follows that same footing. The quality of animation has improved — the visuals are smoother and easier on the eyes — but the art still captures the same magic as before.

As a longtime fan, this series brought back a sense of childhood nostalgia and wonder that I had seemingly forgotten about. There’s a considerable amount of Easter eggs to find in the show inspired by “Adventure Time,” adding a cute little game to the program. Sitting down with fans of the original show and seeing how many of these tiny details can be found makes for loads of fun, and makes the show feel like it was given as much care and love as it deserves. 

The voice acting in this show is quite acclaimed, with talents like Kenny as Ice King, Donald Glover as Marshall Lee, Madeleine Martin as Fionna and Roz Ryan as Cake. The chemistry between the members of this star-studded cast is undeniable. While watching this show, the viewer gets the sense that these people have played these characters for years, especially through the way the lines are delivered and the way that Kenny voices multiple characters. The voice acting in the show absolutely makes these quirky characters truly come to life. 

Be sure to check out “Fionna and Cake” on Max. These episodes have been released two episodes a week every Thursday. The final two episodes will be out tonight.


5/5 Stars



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