‘Ahsoka’ is a nostalgic addition to the Star Wars universe

Fans were welcomed back into the world of “Star Wars” over the last month and a half with the long awaited release of “Ahsoka.”The long-awaited finale of the 8-episode season streamed on Oct. 3. 

Set in the same time frame as the third chapter of “The Mandalorian,” this show serves as a continuation of the animated series from 2014, “Star Wars Rebels.” This show follows former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, voiced by Rosario Dawson, as she investigates a newly emerging threat to the galaxy. 

Lucasfilms continue to outdo themselves with well executed, engaging ideas. The fact that Dave Filoni — co-creator of Ahsoka’s character — wrote and even directed two of the episodes certainly contributed to the show’s success. For longtime fans of the Star Wars franchise, it was a warm welcome back into the universe. For those just coming into the franchise and those who have been away for a while, there are recaps to help get people up to speed and make sure they still fall in love with the story. 

As a longtime fan of the “Star Wars” franchise and Ahsoka fan from “Star Wars Rebels,” this series brought back a sense of childhood nostalgia and wonder.

“Ahsoka” starts out in battle. We open with an attack on the resistance ship led by Morgan Elsbeth, an Imperial sympathizer voiced by Diana Lee Inosanto who has no plans of ever surrendering to the New Republic. Teaming up with two mercenaries, Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati, voiced by Ray Stevenson and Ivanna Sakhno respectively, she dreams of freeing her master Thrawn, voiced by Lars Mikkelsen, from punishment in hopes of starting a new war. 

For Ahsoka, her power is not at the forefront of her mind when finding the map to lead her into hyperspace, but rather she is driven by obligation. When Thrawn, Morgan’s master, was banished into hyperspace, Ezar Bridger, voiced by Eman Esfandi, sacrificed himself and managed to get dragged alongside him. Because Ezra saved her life once, Ahsoka is willing to risk her own life to save him and bring him back. Ahsoka is then put forth on the journey to find the map and to track down Ezra. Nothing in this world comes easy and Ahsoka comes face to face with her enemies who will do anything to get the map and save their master from isolation. 

While Star Wars films and shows are known for their action scenes, compelling storylines and soundtrack this show seems to appeal more through their unique set of characters. From Ahsoka to Sabine Wren to even some of the new droids, the director’s care with choosing voice actors brings the story to life, such as the choice of Natasha Liu Bordizzo for voicing Sabine Wren. The careful movement, wording and actor’s attention to detail to Ahsoka is what makes her character come to life and become beloved once again. 

As a longtime fan of the “Star Wars” franchise and Ahsoka fan from “Star Wars Rebels,” this series brought back a sense of childhood nostalgia and wonder. There were certain points in the show that brought me back to a time where I would watch the animated show religiously. Comparing “Ahsoka” to the older shows pointing out how the franchise has grown with their technology and how they developed the storyline was a fun experience. 

“Ahsoka” paves the way for being the first part of the “Star Wars” universe in which non-humans are centered on in the story, as well as the female led cast. The cast shines a new light on the niche visual storyline that has been used in the past and brings the storyline to the modern times. With amazing cinematography and an incredible score for the opening and ending credits by Kevin Kiner, this show fits seamlessly into the “Star Wars” universe. 

For those who have never been intrigued by the long-running franchise, “Ahsoka” may be a little overwhelming but I promise it will be worth it in the end. However, for long time fans who understand the significance of the rebels and fell in love with the acclaimed character, learning more about her history and following her on her journey to save Ezra will be a truly unforgettable experience. 


4/5 stars 


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