‘Apex Legends’ new limited-time game mode is their best yet

An electric guitar that shoots fire and skulls that when locked onto a target do damage — what more could you ask for? 

The new Harbingers Collection Event in “Apex Legends” gives us a brand new heirloom, limited-time game mode, collection event items and some much needed nerfs and buffs to both weapons and legends. 

I’m just gonna come out and say it — the new heirloom is one of the best in the game. An heirloom, which is an item specific to each legend that gives them a unique melee animation, is hard to come by, making them special for a player to receive. After getting mediocre Horizon and Ash heirlooms in the previous events and seasons, Fuse’s heirloom, the Razor’s Edge, is so refreshing and exciting to see. 

The new skull ordnance resembles Revenant. Photo courtesy of @playapex, X

One of the mistakes the creators and developers of this game have previously made is giving legends heirlooms that have essentially nothing to do with their character, but Fuse’s is spectacularly appropriate.

The last big update for the game brought a complete re-work of one of my favorite legends, Revenant. His passive, tactical and ultimate abilities were almost completely changed. It was arguably one of the largest adjustments the game has seen in a while. That being said, the new Harbingers event still shines light on this update with the Living Shell Trios event. 

Rather than a typical trios battle royale, players can pick up skulls that are used like grenades. By locking the skull onto an opponent, they can receive up to 500 damage. Of course, to combat this, opponents can shoot the incoming skull down before it reaches them. 

This limited time event brings a new fun element to the classic royale, which can get quite boring after a while. They also brought back a fan-favorite map, World’s Edge After Dark. Weapons previously only available through crafting were also brought back. 

The Nemesis AR and Mozambique pistol shotgun returned to regular floor loot with the 30-30 marksman and RE-45 pistol entering the crafter. What makes this interesting is that the RE-45 is able to be crafted with Hammerpoint Rounds, a hop-up that increases the damage of the weapon. 

While the Nemesis returned to the floor, it received a nerf of a decrease in damage from 17 to 16 and the recoil was increased. As such a powerful weapon, I think this nerf was needed. Horizon, a legend I love to play regularly, received a nerf as well. Respawn Entertainment, the developer of “Apex,” was receiving a lot of complaints regarding her being “busted.”

To fix this issue, her vertical lift speed was reduced by 20%, her hover time at the top of the lift was reduced to 0.5s from 2.0s and the weapon accuracy has been decreased while in lift. However, she is still an amazing legend to play, if you play well.

Rampart, a less popular legend, got a huge buff that reduces the placement time of her shields from three seconds to two seconds. While reading that, it may not seem like such a big change, but it really does help out her play style. That one second means everything in a fight. 

Of course any new event comes with new, limited time skins for legends and weapons. Sometimes, they can be pretty underwhelming, but I am such a huge fan of the new Gibraltar and Bangalore skins, which pair with the Longbow and Charge-rifle snipers. 

Gibraltar sports a black and gold tribal looking outfit, which matches his Pacific Islander identity. Red gems adorn the costume, the one on his belt resembling a spider. His skin is purple, which kind of makes him look like Thanos, but I think it works. 

Bangalore, on the other hand, wears full-coverage black, purple and gold armor, with an insane doberman-head-shaped helmet complete with clipped ears. This skin is arguably one of the coolest to come out in any event, and I’m really impressed with Respawn. 

Playing the same video game can get boring after a while, and honestly that was happening to me with Apex. Thankfully, this Harbingers Collection Event brought such exciting aspects to the game that I would rate a 5/5.


5/5 stars



Featured photo courtesy of @playapex, X