Fall festivities on-campus and beyond

With autumn officially in full swing, there are so many fun activities in which to take part. Here are some festive ideas to celebrate the season.

Many farms are open to the public this time of year, offering the perfect sights and activities to put the spirit of autumn into your heart. Secor Farms, about a 10-minute drive from campus, has all the fall favorites! You can go pumpkin picking, enjoy some apple cider treats and take a hay ride around the property. It is also a beautiful site for a photoshoot, whether you’re with friends, a significant other or family members.

Fall fun can be made locally, in your own backyard! Photo courtesy of Monstera Production, Pexels

Themed movie nights are an easy and inexpensive way to entertain if you want to have company over! Decorate the dorm with ambient lighting, ask your guests to dress as a character from the movie and have everyone bring a sweet treat. TikTok has an abundance of ideas for some inspiration, ranging from scary to so-bad-it’s-good. To spice things up, have your guests prepare PowerPoints related to the theme in advance. You can rank your favorite characters, movies, TV shows and more!

If your dorm has a kitchen, plan a night to cook or bake some fall goodies. An easy treat to make is ice cream cookie sandwiches. First, get pre-made cookie dough and bake it. Then, arrange it into a sandwich with your favorite type of ice cream.

If you do not have a kitchen, caramel apples are a delightfully simple fall treat to make. Simply get caramel from the store. Caramel can come in a liquid form that you can dip or pour over the apples, or you can buy pre-made sheets that get wrapped around the apples. Get creative and indulge your personal taste by experimenting with nuts, sprinkles, candy, chocolate or whatever your heart and stomach desire!

Oktoberfest celebrations typically go until Oct. 3. However, Ramapo offers its own annual Oktoberfest event in mid-October. This year, it will be from Oct. 12-14. There will be popular Halloween movie screenings, inflatable escape rooms, a carnival and the Birch Mansion will be transformed into a haunted house! Stay up to date with announcements from the College Programming Board and the Student Government Association on Instagram for details.

Trunk or Treat is another annual autumn event at Ramapo. Clubs, organizations and Greek life decorate members’ cars, competing to see who can pull off the most inventive ideas. Of course, they also give out candy and freebies. This year, it will occur on October 26th at 5 p.m. at the Ramapo tennis courts. If you are a member of an interested organization, make sure to reserve a parking spot once the form is published.

If you’re a Roadrunner, you know about the Ramapo Valley County Reservation located five minutes from campus, but when was the last time you visited? There are 4,000 acres to explore, and this time of year they are gorgeous with fall colors. Hikers and mountain bikers alike are welcome on the miles of trails of varying difficulties, some of which are disability-friendly. Key photogenic spots include the waterfall, reservoir and lake.

Catch-and-release fishing is permitted at the reservation for anyone with a valid fishing license. Tent campsites are available for those truly dedicated to getting in touch with nature this fall. If all you want to do is stretch your legs, that’s valid too, and with luck you’ll befriend plenty of dog walkers!

For those willing to take the drive, about 25 minutes away is a Fall Festival in Little Tor Road, New York! It will be on Oct. 28 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be food trucks, games, crafts, pumpkin and flower picking, a corn and sunflower maze, and much more! Entry is $5 per person, but obviously additional purchases will be required if you plan to do more than window shop.

Regardless of where you choose to have your fall adventures, make sure to keep family and friends close. Spreading the spirit of the season is essential to fully embracing it!



Featured photo courtesy of Henry Becerra, Pexels