Hate surrounds the publicity of Joe Jonas’ divorce

Recently, news of singer Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner divorce went public, and since then fans are not happy with the singer. Jonas and Turner were an arguably famous couple who were adored by many. The fact that the couple birthed two kids during their four-year marriage played an important role in why fans are upset with Jonas’ decisions. 

A direct source told TMZ that Jonas decided to take their kids on his U.S. tour while Turner filmed a TV show in the U.K. Many users on social media are hating on Jonas, accusing him of taking the kids away from their mother. Fans of the famous TV show “Game of Thrones,” in which Turner starred, shared messages in support of the actress and against Jonas. 

It is widely known that the ex-couple liked to have some privacy when it came to their personal lives, but the media felt they were allowed to share the details of their divorce.

Divorce is a really hard event to go through. It is a stressful moment where privacy is necessary because both individuals involved are vulnerable in many ways. This only leads me to believe that knowing all this information that went public earlier this month and keeps escalating is not ethical. Fans and non-fans have already set their minds on defending Turner, and new updates will eventually only escalate this to a more serious matter. 

Hateful messages are not moral in any way. Media outlets that are focused on celebrity gossip should be more aware of what is happening before publishing any kind of news about specific topics, especially when it comes to something private.  

In respect to the celebrities involved in this drama and their privacy, I think we should not partake in producing any personal material about the topic. However, the internet is known to be a public space for freedom of speech, meaning people can share their opinion about anything. Hateful and rude messages to someone should not be allowed in any case, no matter who is right or wrong.

No one knows what happens behind closed doors. No one knows what really led them to make this decision. Opinions can be shared within a respectful ethic. There can always be two sides, regardless of what the news says. Both sides should be listened to and all the opinions regardless if you agree or not should be respected. 

Their two kids are still too young to be able to understand any of this. They were brought into this situation because of their parents’ actions. They are not to blame for this event and they shouldn’t be used to demonstrate some point by media outlets. I hope these kids will deal with this in a healthy way. All we can do is just hope for the best. 



Featured photo courtesy of Cottonbro Studio, Pexels