Hemlocke Springs sings about love and growth in new album

Isimeme Naomi Udu, more popularly known as Hemlocke Springs, released her first album “going…going…GONE!” on Sept. 29. Known on TikTok for her funky beat in “girlfriend” and her ethereal voice in “sever the blight,” fans have awaited this album for some time now.

The album “going…going…GONE!” features seven songs total, a few having already been released as singles. Her first single, “gimme all ur luv,” happens to perfectly hold a spot as the introduction to the album. With a notable drum cymbal in the back accompanied by groovy swooning notes of a synthesizer, this song captures the story of a woman who desires a connection. She repeatedly sings, “I just want love (didn’t know my sturdy heart can be so brittle) / I’ll take anyone (gimme all your love and I’ll back off a little).” 

Following this track is the TikTok sensation “girlfriend,” which presents an entirely different perspective on love. Spunky confidence takes the reins as Hemlocke Springs warns a potential lover about her power. Comedic commentary thrown in here and there between lines and playful inflections on her voice allow the attitude of the lyrics to shine. She outright admits her self-assured nature in the lines, “My kindness is of a false pretense / I’ve got the ego of a God,” making this an anthem for strong, independent women.

Her voice sounds as if she is leaning into the microphone, giving the impression that she is speaking to your soul.

Up next is the song “heavun” which bears a tune reminiscent of 80’s pop. This song unravels a tale of longing and the conflicting emotions associated with it. Her sorrow of desiring someone for so long goes unsatiated, as she sings “Recover, recover the remnants of my pride / If I touch myself, still, the need will not subside.” She knows it is embarrassing to pine for someone who does not feel the same way, yet she cannot stop her heart from yearning.

Afterwards is an ascension of a song that will make you want to astral project, “enknee1.” Hemlock Springs’ voice takes on that soulful charm seen in “sever the blight” while being accompanied by equally emotional music as she reflects on growing out of the myth of true love. A common theme throughout the song is that she poses questions to a vague recipient, as she is left, “Wondering, truly / Is there anyone? / Anyone out there to love me? / Anyone out there to care for?” 

This is where the album takes a turn, casting off the husk of a love song and bringing audiences some more personal pieces about growth and being unapologetically yourself. “pos” is the first track with this theme, using interesting vocal techniques and wordplay to display confidence. My favorite line was, “Cause Hemlock’s Spring-ing into action / come and take a look at how much she grew.” The song also features the deep rhythmic strumming of a bass guitar layered over itself and an upbeat percussion similar to a cowbell.

“train to nowhere” follows with short vocalizations at the beginning to throw listeners right into the action of the song. This song pushes the idea of not being a people pleaser and allowing yourself to mess up. A strong line people need to keep in mind is, “Make a mistake or two, it’s the least you’ll ever fail.” 

Finally, the album ends with a song of its namesake: “going…going…GONE!” with a more mellow beat. Her voice sounds as if she is leaning into the microphone, giving the impression that she is speaking to your soul. She also makes a callback to “enknee1” with the phrase “Is there anyone out there? / ‘Cause I need to know” at the very beginning of the song. 

Overall, her album is a very nicely-wrapped story of searching for connection in isolation and trying to feel confident along the way. While listening to this, I imagined myself floating through space as an alien between the futuristic musical rifts and her echoing voice through most of the tracks. I cannot wait to see what she does next.

5/5 Stars




Featured photo courtesy of @hemlocksprings, Instagram